Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Goals

Half way through January seemed like a good time to firm up this years goals.  Obviously being pregnant they look a lot different than years past as there are no race/time/distance goals to be had but here is what I hope to accomplish in the first 6 months of 2014. 

1. Workout 5x a week.  Run, walk, spin, cycle, swim, yoga - whatever works - just move!

2. Ride Cinderella's Metric Century on April 6.  Cycling/spinning has actually been my favorite go to workout lately.  This event is all very dependent on how I feel and more importantly if I can still reach my handle bars but if all goes well I would like to ride in it.  It is a fairly mellow metric with a very manageable amount of climbing.

3. Go on one weekend getaway a month.  K and I decided instead of doing one big "baby moon" we would aim to do one smaller weekend get-a-away a month.  We dropped the ball on January but have weekends planned in Lake Tahoe, Big Basin, Half Moon Bay and Palm Springs planned so far.

Ambitious huh?  It is so weird to no be scouring race sites and re-arranging calendars.

What is in store for the second 6 months?  Well, honestly my goal is to keep a baby alive.  In all seriousness though I really have no idea what to expect after the baby comes.  In a perfect world I will get to ride my favorite ride, Levi's Gran Fondo on October 4 (the"Piccolo" route) and maybe a 5k or 10k but I am not making any plans just yet. 

So, there you have it.  2014 looks a lot different than years past but I am looking forward for the all the exciting changes to come. 
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