Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review

A new job has kept me busier than expected over the past two months hence my absence from the internet.  It was an unexpected career change but one I feel so lucky to have found.

Anyway, no time like the new year to start anew.  :)

Review of 2013 Goals

My main goal for 2013 was to not allow myself to get too caught up in "the next big thing" and allow myself to focus on the task at hand.  In the beginning this was very hard and I did find myself planning the next race before I even raced the one I was currently training for.  However, when I didn't get into Vineman 70.3 in July I decided to aim for Big Kauhna 70.3 in September.  I began training but also just having set a new marathon PR at Big Sur (a hilly course) I wanted to train for another marathon PR on a flat, fast course.  I realized that I couldn't focus on speed as much as I hoped if I was also focused on training for a 70.3 (which I also wanted to PR).  2013 was the first year in a long time my back was giving me minimal problems and I wanted to capitalize on that and really focus on running so I swallowed my pride and opted out of Big Kahuna and felt a sense of relief as soon as I did.  Thus, I would say by the second half of the year I achieved this goal and have successfully continued to move forward with this mentality. 

Review of 2013

2013 exceeded my expectations in so many ways - athletically, personally and professionally.  2014 has a lot to live up to.


 First time running in a tutu at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon

New 10k PR to celebrate my birthday


Longest trail run ever at the ITR Lake Chabot 30k


Becoming an ultramathoner at Way Too Cook 50k

After too many years off finally hitting the slopes

Lots of trail runs with friends


A new marathon PR at the Big Sur Marathon


Lots of trail running and exploring

After 3.5 long months getting my bike back with its custom paint job


Riding 72 miles around Lake Tahoe at America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride

Running the 2nd Half of the San Francisco Half Marathon and getting the "Half It All Medal" (running the 1st half and the 2nd half in consecutive years)

First and only triathlon of 2013 (and missing 3rd in my age group by 3 seconds)


5k PR on the 4th of July

Trails in Marin

Our dream vacation to Italy
Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome


 Hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite

More trails with friends (see a theme?)


The first of many "scenic cycling" adventures - riding across the new span of the Bay Bridge

Napa Valley Ragnar Relay with team "Winos in the Night"

 Celebrating Paulette's Birthday at the ITR Berkeley Trail Adventure

More "scenic cycling" across the Golden Gate Bridge


Cycling the coast at my favorite ride ever - Levi's Gran Fondo

Running above the clouds


 Berkeley Half Marathon

Annual Turkey Trot Race


 Running Leg 4 of the CIM Relay

Enjoying the last 49'er game ever (most likely) at Candlestick Park

And the biggest event in 2013 . . .

Due June 26, 2014

Happy New Year!  Here's to an exciting 2014.
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  1. I've missed your blog updates. 2013 looked like a great year. We should meet up for dinner sometime and catch up - miss our bike break chats!

  2. Yay!

    2013 was a great year and 2014 is a great year ahead!

  3. This was such a great "running with friends" year! I'm so glad I got to join you on many of those miles, and 2014 promises to be even more exciting!

    1. I am so glad you were with me on a lot of those miles. :)

  4. You had such an amazing 2013...especially the ultra! But 2014 is going to top all that - so very excited for you!

    1. Thanks! I really loved Way to Cool - such a perfect mix of flat and hills.

  5. Ah! 2013 was full of adventure and huge accomplishments for you A big congrats on such an amazing year. And congrats on the news :) May 2014 be your best year yet :)


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