Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Preview

I was sitting down to finish my Italy posts when I realized it was the beginning of September.  All year I have wanted to a "monthly re-cap" or "monthly preview" post but by the time I think of it I realize it is the middle of the month.  FINALLY I was on top of it enough to catch the beginning of the month.

September has been pretty fantastic so far (yes, all 3 days of it).  It helps we are starting my favorite 5 months of the year.  On that note, how in the heck is it already September?  I was at Costco last weekend and they already have Christmas supplies and decorations out! 

Sunday, September 1: I did a bike ride I have been wanting to do for a year now.  With Levi's Gran Fondo coming up and all the climbing that comes with that I wanted to get in a few good training rides with lots of elevation.  Enter Mt. Diablo - x2.  Starting at the south entrance we climbed up to the junction and then sailed down to the north side only to turn around, climb the north side and fly back down to the south entrance.  With pre and post climbing miles I totaled 46.5 miles for the day.  It was slow going but I did it and didn't want to die when I was done.  The jury is still out if I will feel confident enough to do the whole 100 miles/8000+ feet of climbing at Levi's but this was a great first step.

Monday, September 2: K and I headed out to Petaluma to do some beer tasting at Lagunitas Brewing Company and take the dogs to the beach.  Lagunitas is very dog friendly so we enjoyed our beer with live music surrounded by lots of dogs.  We then headed over to Dillon Beach which we had never been to before but heard it was a great place to let your dogs off leash.  It didn't disappoint.  Of course this time of year in California is notorious for being cloudy and foggy at the beach but at least it wasn't too cold.  I think the dogs had fun too!

And here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to for the rest of the month:

1. Marathon Training.  The California International Marathon on December 8 to be exact.  Knock on all the wood in the world, my back has been at about 85-90% the past 6 months and I have been taking advantage of this and upping my running mileage significantly.  After such a great race at Big Sur back in April I want to see what I can do on a flat, fast course.

2. Football.  There is nothing better than football season.  In fact, the two times I have trained for CIM in the past one of my favorite things about a Sunday long run was to come back after a chilly run to find K making breakfast and curl up on the couch to refuel and recover with the game on.  No where but the west coast can you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a football game to watch with each meal.  49'ers WILL win the Superbowl this year.

3. Sons of Anarchy.  I can't remember the last time I have been so excited for a television show.  I am completely and utterly obsessed with Sons of Anarchy.  September 10th at 10:00 PM cannot get here soon enough.

4. Ragnar Napa Valley.  When Ashley posted they still needed a few teammates I jumped at the opportunity.  I did a relay in 2010 and had a blast.  September 20-21 200 miles, San Francisco to Napa, two vans and 12 girls - team "Winos in the Night."

5.  Peet's Coffee Maple Lattes.  Okay, this one is silly but seriously, have you had this latte?  I don't ever remember seeing it on their menu before.  On our way home from the coast yesterday we stopped for a little pick-me-up and omg seriously delicious.  I am looking forward to having a new fall drink to add to my already favorite Pumpkin Spice and Mint Mochas.

What is everyone else looking forward to this fall?  Hopefully I am on top of it again when October rolls around! 
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  1. Super speedy reply because I LOVE Autumn too!! I'm excited about Half Moon Bay Half Marathon on the 29th and the Stranger from the Internet who's coming to stay with me and run the marathon. I'm excited about Pumpkin Patches with my little boy. I'm excited about the slight possibility of a trip to Colorado. I'm excited about Bonfire Night (British thing) and CHRISTMAS!

    I gave up on Sons as it was too violent (says the girl who loves Game of Thrones). And I'm so jealous of Ragnar for you!!! Yippeeee for September.

    1. I am obsessed with Game of Thrones too!! Yes, still very violent but in a more "fantasy" way if that makes any sense.

      Fall is such a great race season too - I bet Half Moon Bay will be beautiful end of the month.

      I will have to look up "Bonfire Night." Yay for a fun fall!

  2. Dillon Beach! One of my favorite places. Love camping there. I'm still a season behind in SOA. :(

  3. I really need to explore more North Bay and beyond beaches. I loved that they dogs could be off leash.

    You still have a week to catch up . . . :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out Kristen! So excited for RAGNAR!! :)

  5. I've been to Lagunitas once with my family and was amazed how dog friendly it was. Hard to find a seat, but I want to go back with my pup :) Your doxie is so damn cute!! Love!

    CIM training here too. Eeeeep. If you can rock Big Sur (hello hills), I'm pretty darn sure you will kick ass at CIM. :)


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