Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tri-ing Again: Big Kahuna Week 1

Remember, how I was on the waiting list for Vineman?  Well, sad news - I didn't make it in this year. They said that this was the first time in a few years not everyone off the waiting list made it in.  Personally it was probably a good thing since I wasn't able to train like I had hoped since I didn't have my road bike until a few weeks ago.  I should note that they offered everyone who didn't make it in the option of a guaranteed entry for next year (not free, just a guaranteed spot) which I thought was really nice of them!  Unfortunately, I can''t commit to next year right now (you had to decide right away) but for such a big race to offer that option I thought was great customer service and I am sure made a lot of people happy.

I still wanted to do a 70.3 this year though and Big Kahuna fit right into my schedule perfectly.  Even better, I can go out and give the course another go since I didn't have my best performance two years ago with my broken toe.
Speed is the focus of this training cycle.  I have the endurance to carry me through all three events - I just need to do them faster.  My training plan calls for 9 workouts a week - roughly 3 of each sport, with some bricks scattered throughout.  I am going back to Matt Fitzgerald's book, "Essential Week by Week Training Guide" and varying the workouts with levels 1 - 4.  The book has training plans for sprint, Olympic, half ironman and ironman distance triathlons.  Each distance has 10 different training plans with one being the easiest and 10 being the hardest.  Really, that just means how much time you have to devote to training.  I would love to try and train in the level 6-7  range but realistically with a full time job and a life I can't commit to that and don't want to set myself up to fail.  Levels 1 - 4 still have you training between 9 and 13 hours a week.

While my race is 13 weeks away, I have 9 solid weeks of training as two weeks are devoted to a vacation where I will not be focusing on training - at all, but will be doing enough walking to not lose any fitness.

Week 1: June 24 - 30  

Monday: Bike Long Hill Climbs
1 hour, 10 minutes of riding with 4 x 5 minute climbing intervals and 3 minutes rest between.

15.1 miles/1:05:22/13.9 mph avg

Tuesday: Run Speed Intervals
36 minutes with 16 x 30 speed intervals w/30 second recoveries
3 @ 8:20
4 @ 8:13
4 @ 8:06
4 @ 7:53
1 @ 7:30
3.75 miles/9:35 avg

Wednesday: Foundation Bike Ride
1 hour, 15 minutes steady pace

It was a hot post work ride.
15.0/1:10/31/12.8 mph avg

Thursday: Rest Day
After work meeting so this ended up being a rest day.

Friday: AM Run/PM Swim

We have been experiencing a heat wave here in CA and it was already 68 degrees at 5:30 am when I met Layla for 4 easy pre-work miles  4.0 miles/40:46/10:08 avg.

After work I headed to the gym for a swim.  I had to cut it a little short as we were headed out for the night but I still got in 1600 yards (and fought unsupervised children swimming in the lap pool).

400 warm up, 2 x (200, 3 x 100) 200 cool down

1600 yards/25:38/1:36 avg 100 yards

Saturday: California Sprint Triathlon
1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride, 3.1 mile run - 1:28:52.  Missed 3rd in my age group by 3 seconds!!  Full report to come.

Sunday: San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff
The San Jose Sharks held their first ever "Fitness Faceoff" to benefit their foundation.  Participants had a choice walking/running a 5k or 10k or riding a 22 mile or 53 mile bike ride.  I chose the 53 mile ride.  K did the 10k run and set a new 10k PR!

The bike route was relativity flat with one major climb up Hicks Road in Los Gatos and two other climbs that wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't a million degrees out.  I had never heard of Hicks Road but it was a beast of a climb for about 1.7 miles with an average grade of 7%.  They even provided a shuttle service to take you up the climb if you didn't want to ride it.  It was probably the third hardest climb I had ever climbed only to Mt. Diablo and Coleman Valley in Santa Rosa. 

Other than the scorching heat it was a fun ride.

They fired the streamer cannon on me.
Cute medals!
52.34 miles/3:58:18/13.2 mph avg

Final Stats: 9 hours, 22 minutes, 107.7 miles
2 swims - 2,480 yards (missed one swim)
4 rides - 95.44 miles
3 runs - 10.85 miles

Phew.  Week 1 down, 8 to go.

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  1. There's a lot packed into this post! So you did a triathlon on Saturday and then a 53 mile ride up a big hill on the Sunday? You're amazing!

    The Husband wants to start triathloning - I'll recommend the book to him. What website do you use for finding triathlon to sign up for??

  2. http://www.fnur.bu.edu.eg/


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