Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pink Flames

After three and a half loonnggg months my bike is back!  And . . . it has pink flames!

I think it will surprise nobody I am a little obsessed with pink.  Back in 2008 when I got my bike there was nothing available in pink.  Luckily black is the perfect backdrop for pink accessories but it was always the plan to get a custom paint job.

The problem?  While I knew I wanted pink I was never 100% what I wanted.  After Foxy's last fall I spent a few months researching designs and colors and finally found a paint design I liked.  A few days before the bike was due to be shipped out to San Diego to the painter I came across a paint job with flames and knew I had to have that instead.  My original painter was not confident in his ability to paint the flames so the project got delayed a bit while we found someone else.  Finally, over Presidents' weekend in February the bike was en route to a painter in Chico.

Roughly 12 weeks later I got the call it was ready to be picked up.  I am so happy with the result!  There are still a few things I am working on adding - I want pink water bottle cages, I have some pink skewers on order and I am eying a really cool pink helmet but I love the paint.

What I have yet to capture in a picture is how different the paint looks in the sun than in the shade.  There is a navy coating that shimmers in the sunlight (it can kind of be seen in the first photo on this post).  It is so pretty!

I did my first ride with it last weekend - 72 miles around the perimeter of Lake Tahoe at America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride - yep, wasted no time getting back in the saddle (ride report to come).  I was so paranoid to get close to any other bikes though as I didn't want anything to scratch it.

Looking forward to getting back out on the road.  Maybe the flames will help me go faster (or at least appear that way!)
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