Monday, April 1, 2013

My 2013 Non-Goals ~ Goals #2 & #3

Goal #1 - Cross the finish line of Way Too Cool 50k = CHECK!

In keeping with "one goal" at time mantra for the year, it's time to turn my attention to goal #2 - Vineman 70.3.

This will be my third 70.3.  A week before my first one, Big Kahuna in 2011, I broke my toe.  While I crossed the finish line, I knew I could do better.  Last year I saw what I was really capable of and had an awesome race at Rev3 Portland.  However, I still think I can go faster.  I've mentioned it before but I really never trained to "race" my bike.  Also, with all my back issues I never felt I was really able to run for speed as I was just happy to run without any pain.  This time around I found a great training plan that incorporates lots of speed work to both the biking and the running. 

Training officially started today!  There is just one catch - the race sold out in something like 5 minutes and despite my best efforts I only made it on to the waiting list.  I have been told that of the last 5 years there was only one year not everyone on the waiting list got in so I am hopeful.  I will go forward with training like I am registered for the race.  Worst case scenario - I end up in good shape. :)

A another small detail - I am currently without my road bike and am anticipating the first three weeks of bike training to be done via spin classes.  Good thing my gym has awesome instructors that really focus on interval training. 

Other than that I am excited to dive into another training.

Goal #3 - Big Sur Marathon

Back in 2011 I was all set to run this marathon but . . . you guessed it . . . my back made me down grade to the the 9 mile race.  I had a lot of fun that weekend but I still wanted to run the full marathon.

Big Sur 2011
This race is another one that sells out in 24 hours so I knew if I wanted to run it I was going to have to register months out (July to be exact) and hope I would be healthy enough when the time came.

Well, the race in in 4 weeks and I feel great.  Coming off of Way Too Cool I feel like I have a really good base.  Big Sur is also known for its hills - something that scared me in the past, however, I think all my trail running will really come in handy.  I am really looking forward to running one of the most scenic marathons in the world.

So, there you have it - goals #2 & #3 - Big Sur Marathon on April 28, 2013 and Vineman on July 14, 2013. 
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  1. I have my fingers crossed for you to get into the Vineman 70.3, that`d be awesome! And Big Sur is on my bucket list, it must be a beautiful race. I`m looking forward to your race reports. Are we going to see a PR perhaps? :D


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