Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bridges and Breakfast

With a long run on deck for today (heading out as soon as I hit "publish") I wanted to keep yesterdays run short, easy and fun.  I set out to do something I have been wanting to do for a long time - a run over the Golden Gate Bridge.  While I have been lucky enough to run it multiple times - even at 2:30 in the morning as part of the The Relay, K had not walked/run over it since elementary school.  I know it is probably silly, but seeing the bridge never gets old (and I look at it everyday outside my office window.)  I think it is absolutely beautiful.   

We started from the San Francisco side and got to the parking lot right around 8:00 am, played tourist taking a few pictures and then headed off.

It was warmer than I anticipated and the wind was usually calm - it was absolutely perfect running weather.  

Despite having driven/run over the bridge multiple times I have never ridden my bike across it.  On the weekends the city side of the bridge is dedicated to walkers/runners only and the ocean side it dedicated to cyclists only.  I didn't realize just how popular the area was to cycle in - there was sooo many cyclists!  My bike currently undergoing a new paint job but as soon as I get it back I am definitely planning a ride out that way.

The bridge isn't that long - only 1.7 miles each way.  Once we made it to the Sausalito side we grabbed some water and snapped a few more pictures before turning around.

Once we got back we still needed to go a little further to end the run on a round number so we headed the opposite way out on the Coastal Trail towards Baker Beach.  There are so many trails over there I look forward to exploring. 

After our run we headed over the bridge to Sausalito for breakfast - because every good runs ends with good food.

This run wasn't particularly fast or hard and at only 4 miles I can hardly consider it a solid training run for Way Too Cool next weekend.  This run was purely about enjoying the act of running, the beautiful landscape that is right in our backyard and spending a wonderful Saturday morning with my husband. 

The majority of the runs/rides I do are usually built into a training plan targeting a specific event.  It was nice to just run to run - with no goals or expectations and just enjoy the run.

I will be drawing on that run today while tackling my long run.  
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  1. Yep, I agree. The bridge never gets old. :)

  2. Lady! You can't be that close and not call me!! Can't wait to see you next week :)


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