Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Keeping Resolutions" | Review of 2012 Goals

Accountability time!

I set some pretty attainable, realistic goals for 2012.  Let's see how they went.

Athletic Goals
1. New PRS
While I didn't end up running a 5k or a marathon, I DID PR every other distance - even set a new olympic distance triathlon PR and century ride record.   I did do three trail 10ks this year but missed the PR by 38 seconds.

2. Become a Stronger Cyclist

This is a hard goal to quantify but three events stick out in my mind that I think show improvement.

1. Riding every mile in ALC.
2. Breaking the 7 hour mark on a century ride.
3. Shaving time off my 70.3 bike time.

I still have a long way to go - especially when it comes to actually "racing" my bike - but I feel much more comfortable and confident than I ever have.

3. Continue to Explore Trail Running

I really wanted to do a trail half/marathon this year but my IT band had other plans.  Regardless, I did run 6 trail 5ks and 10ks and got to explore many of the local trails for the first time.  I even managed to take a good fall!

Professional Goals
Pro Bono Work - A big, fat fail.  I guess setting such a goal when you have only been with a company for three months wasn't the best move.  Truth be told, I was kept a lot busier than I expected.  Not that I am complaining, I would much rather be busy than not but this left me little time for anything else.  I still feel extremely strongly about this but unfortunately the right opportunity has not presented itself. 

Personal Goals
1. Re-Learn to Knit  - Nope, didn't even touch this one.  Not that I didn't try, however, the two places I found that offered classes just didn't coincide well with my schedule.  It still is something I am going to look into doing this year.

2. Learn to Use My Fancy Camera - I still have so much to learn but I did take a photography class at the end of July and have been reading my Nikon D40 for Dummies book.  I also have a million pictures of my dishes when I was practicing indoor/outdoor lighting so I am on the right track. 

3. Get Caught Up on My Photo Albums

I am not caught up but I made a lot of progress on my 2009 and 2010 albums.  I finished my first race scrapbook, got a good start on my ALC album, and have been tackling a college album project.

4. Limit Online Time

This goal went in spurts.  There were times I was good and then would fall back into old habits.  I am really working on no computer after 10 pm.  I have also worked on really limiting useless "surfing" and try only to be online when there is something specific I am looking for. 

All in all, not to bad.  2012 was a great year and I have no regrets how it turned out. 
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  1. This does sound & look like it was a great year for you! Can't wait to see you more in 2013. :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to "meet" you. Sounds like you had a great year in 2012, and I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing your activities in 2013!

  3. Uh, I can teach you to knit again!! Stitch and Bitch!

    Awesome 2012!


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