Monday, December 10, 2012

Roads Raced & Ridden | Race Scrapbook

I have always been a bit fanatical about preserving my pictures, old tickets, cards and other mementos.  I have photo albums starting back from 3rd grade (that yes, I made myself) and used to be really into scrap booking (before the digital age).  I have movie tickets from the 90s, tickets from every sporting event, show, tour I have taken and every card that anyone has ever given to me.  All are neatly organized into yearly folders I keep in our file cabinet.  We moved recently and as I was unpacking I took some time to flip through some cards from our wedding - it was really fun to go back and read them.

Of course, this means I have kept every race bib, course map, etc from every race I have done - ever.  Even my very first 5k back in 2003.  A few years ago I sat down to scrapbook them old school style, got about 4 races in and, well, I never looked at it again.  Finally, finding some extra time on my hands I decided to re-visit the project.

I knew I wanted all my race bibs organized in a book with pictures from the corresponding race.  I have been making digital "family" albums since 2005 and after some snooping around online I fell in love with an idea I saw others doing. 

Using the digital scrap booking program of choice, on a blank two page spread, put photos and text on one side and leave the other side blank.  Ideally, every race will use one two page spread.  Then, when the book comes, using double sided tape, tape your bib from that race on the blank page.

I know there are a lot of great programs out there but I personally have always used Shutterfly.  First and foremost, all my pictures are already backed up there so it is easy to insert them into an album.  Additionally, they always seem to have great promo codes that offer a significant savings.  For example, my recent order was 50% off with a code after Thanksgiving!  I also like that while they have a lot of pre-made layouts, you can also design your own if none of them strike your fancy.

Since I have done nothing with my bibs since I first started racing I decided this first album would start at the beginning and run through 2010.  My next album will cover 2011-2012 and from there on out I will do one each year.

Thousands of dollars of race fees right there.
A week designing the album, about 5 days for printing and shipping and then . . . tada!

The result?  I LOVE it!! 

The majority of the pages look like this:

This was my very first half marathon, so it was early on in the book.  As I went, I changed the layout a bit putting the name of the race and stats on the same page as the bib.  I ended up liking the look of this much much better and wished I would have gone back and changed my earlier layouts.

I didn't have bibs/pictures for a handful of races so those layouts look a little different.

Some races were deserving of a full double page spread {first marathon}.

Others included the husband's race bib if I had remembered to save it as well.

Given how the pages lay, I was happy I decided to put the pictures on the left and the bibs on the right as they laid much flatter that way.

The only disappointing thing . . . 2010 ended with a DNF

As I designed each page, I had a lot of fun remembering that specific race or ride.  I have done a lot more than I remembered.

I am really happy with how the whole thing turned out.  I have all my bibs, some of my favorite pictures from each race and my race stats all in one place.  I am looking forward to working on the next installment.
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  1. AMAZING! You have always been soooo creative. I love this book idea. All of our bibs are downstairs in the basement on the floor by the bike trainer ;).

  2. This is awesome. So proud of you for completing this project - it looks like quite the undertaking!

  3. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! Thank you for sharing - I think I just found my Christmas holiday project!

  4. This is a great idea. I did a Snapfish photo book at the end of 2011. I paid a LOT of money for it, it's huge, but I haven't regretted a penny of it, it's one of my favourite things. I'm already working on 2012's family photobook and I love it already. They're such great things, aren't they.

    But I LOVE the race book idea. If I did more races, I would def do this. I'm always amazed at people who keep their race bibs, mine are always in tatters by the end of a race.

  5. This is such an amazing idea!!!

    I am guilty of hoarding memorabilia as well. I'm trying to cut back on things a little. I have every movie ticket from 1990-2006ish (when I finally, was able to let that go). Gah.

  6. What a great idea! I have been looking for a way to scrapbook my race bibs but just don't have the time to do it myself. A Shutterfly book is a great alternative; thanks for sharing.


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