Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's Next Part II

It seems every few months I do one of these posts.  Things get crazy and keeping up the blog seems to fall by the wayside.

Since I lasted posted we took an amazing vacation to Kauai where I ran the Kauai half marathon, moved to a new house, cycled my favorite annual event, and have been extremely busy at work.  What I haven't been able to do too much of is run.  

In my last post over a month ago {eek} I had my sights set on two fall marathons - a road and a trail race.  However, my right IT band was starting to get a little angry with me.  Well, it went from angry to pissed over the course of two weeks which made me pissed since I had just announced my fall race plans which clearly were no longer options.  So on the running front I have been resting, {foam} rolling and religiously doing ART.

Fighting the IT Band at work.
Finally, two weeks ago I got the green light and did 4 miles.  They weren't great but I was able to walk after which was a first.  Last week I did two 3 milers and this week I did three 3 milers.  This weeks runs all went went well so I am optimistically going forward with my plans for the rest of 2012.  They are simple - run the half options of the two fall marathons I had planned.

This means I won't get a chance to set a new marathon PR for the year BUT with tri season over and cycling winding down for the year I am going to use these next three months to really focus on running and getting a good base - both on the road and on trails.  

Also, I have spent the weekend writing and by the end of the week will be all caught up on the posts I have been meaning to write over the past month:

1. My long over due Tour of Napa Metric Century Report
2. Kauai Half Marathon Race Report
3. Levi's Gran Fondo Ride Report

I promise not to be gone so long this time.
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  1. I love your work bag. It looks just like mine - the exact same ice pack and all! :) Hope your IT Band decides to behave soon. I've been battling mine for months - no fun.


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