Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's Next?

I knew when I finished Rev3 70.3 Portland in July what was next on the schedule but I took about a month off to recover and relax.  I had a blast training for ALC and Rev3 but both left me a little burned out and craving a weekend free of 80 mile rides.

The time off was just what I needed and I now feel rejuvenated and excited to start my next training cycle which will help me cross off two more goals off my 2012 list - a new marathon PR and trail running - specifically the Morgan Hill Marathon and the Northface Endurance Challenge Marathon (at least the half - more on this later).

A few other fall events include my favorite cycling event of the year - Levi's Gran Fondo and Foxy's Fall Century.

Training officially started two weeks ago and is going to be a mix of road running, speed work and trail runs.  After being sidelined from long distance running the past two years I am really looking forward to long runs. 

Week 1: August 6 - 12

Monday: 6 mile run (trail)

While chatting with Aron during SFM I mentioned my interest in getting into trail running and she offered to take me out.  We met up after work and enjoyed a fun run along a beautiful trail in Oakland.  We talked all things running and I had a great time exploring something new.  In fact, on my drive home I even contemplated scrapping my plans for a road marathon to focus solely on trail running.  I look forward to many more miles spent exploring the local trails!

6 miles/1:22/13:43 avg

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 miles (speed)

The plan I created includes one speed or tempo run a week.  The temps were in the high 90s this week so I headed to the treadmill for this run.  6 miles total - 4 at 8:51.  The last of the 4 was definitely a struggle but with the help of my current power strong I was able to push through.

6 miles/56 minutes/9:20 avg

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5 miles (easy)

An easy 5 miles.

5 miles/52 minutes/10:22 avg

Saturday: 8 miles (10 scheduled)

When K left at 5:30 am for a golf tournament I set my alarm for 6:00 am to get in my run before the heat.  Too bad I set it for 6:00 pm.  When I opened my eyes next it was 9:00 am - yikes!  

I spent my morning and most of my afternoon working (blah) and finally finished around 3:30.  Mentally exhausted and with temps in the triple digits running was not looking appealing but I headed for the gym and was able to zone out to some bad TLC shows for 8 miles.  Yes, 10 was scheduled but there are only so many episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras one can take.  I was happy with my 8.

8 miles/1:23/10:22 avg

Sunday: Rest

Total: 25 miles

Week 2: August 13 - 19

Monday: 5 miles (easy)

This run started off great and then around mile 3 my knee started to throb.  Mile 4 and 5 were no better.  A quick search revealed all the classic signs of an angry IT band.  My first thought was "seriously, what the . . . !!!  Can I not run without something hurting?!?"  Having suffered the consequences of running through pain before and decided this was only week 2 - better to back off and take care of it now then to push through and be sidelined later on.  I decided to scale back my planned mileage for the week and commit to foam rolling twice a day with ice + using the stick at work every three hours.

5 miles/52 minutes/10:18 avg

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2 miles (easy)

I was hooked up to a heart monitor for 48 hours for some testing (totally precautionary) and my doctor wanted me to continue with my activities as usual.  I was turning it in this morning and needed to get a run at least so it would read my heart rate during exercise so I set out on a 2 mile run.  No knee pain!  Hopefully this means all my IT band needed was a little extra TLC.

2 miles/20 minutes/10:00 avg

These things were incredibly itchy for 2 days!
Friday: 2 miles (easy)

Another easy 2 to test the knee.  It passed.

2 miles/20 minutes/10:00 avg

Saturday: Rest

Enjoyed a fun day in the wine country on my bike - full re-cap to come. 

67.75 miles/4:56/13.7 mph avg

Photo courtesy of Samantha

Running: 9 miles
Cycling: 67. 75 miles

Hopefully my IT is back to normal as I plan on jumping back into my regularly scheduled training this week.  I am also excited my spinning instructor will be back from vacation.  I tried going to class once but the subs, while nice, just aren't the same I got incredibly bored.   

Fingers crossed for a healthy week 3!
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  1. I love that you tried out trail running. I've been wanting to try it out as well! I'm trying to figure out what to run next year. I'm doing the CIM relay in December. I really want to do a tri, it's on my bucket list. ha ha. Glad to see you are doing well! :)

  2. Hot damn! Now trail running, that is awesome. After I have this baby, you are hired as my consultant for all things training. My goal is a little sprint triathlon, something you could do in your sleep :)

  3. I love trail running and prefer it big time over the roads. So much more fun and I don`t get bored nearly as fast.
    I want to improve my swimming and buy a good bike.. and then someday I might do a tri.
    For now, I would personally be happy if my favorite spinning instructor returned, but he is not teaching anymore. :(

  4. IT bands are such bu**ers!! Hope your resting was enough...and hope the heart results are good ones!! I'm DYING to try trail running but don't want to run alone in case of mass murderers etc. I need to make some running friends quickly! I'm thinking about a trail 10k so I can try it out in safety.


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