Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Countdown to Rev3: Weeks 12-7

Umm, can it really be only 6 weeks away until my second 70.3?  More shocking, can it be only 11 days til ALC?  Is it really almost June?  Honestly, where is 2012 going?

I know where - to training!  While I might be slacking in the blogging department, I have not been slacking on my training.  I am feeling good with where I am right now for both ALC and Rev3.  In fact, last weekend I secretly wished Rev was in a month - I am ready to race.

Week 12

Highlight: 71 mile ride with Samantha and an old co-worker.  We tackled new roads none of us had ever done before.

Thanks Samantha for the cool picture!

Week 11

Highlight: A weekend in Las Vegas for my sister's bachelorette party was cause for low weekend mileage but I am happy to say I still managed a 5 mile run amongst the debauchery!

Hangover themed!
Week 10


1. 70 mile ALC training ride where we tacked some good hills.

2. My new half PR at the Pleasanton Half Marathon!

Week 9


1. Completing the Wine Country Century for the second year in a row. (race report to come)

2. Running the Diva Half Marathon for fun with Alisa, Sandra and Audrey. (race report to come)

3. Having an awesome supportive husband.

Week 8

After such a big week the week before and my sister's wedding this weekend I took a few days off of training to help with the wedding and recover.


1. The WEDDING!!  So beautiful and perfect in every way!

Alan was a prop from the bachelorette party. :)

Week 7

Back on track!


1. Last long ride before ALC - 69.25 grueling, hot miles.

I am feeling healthy, strong and confident - feelings I don't for a second take for granted after dealing with my back for so long.  I am so excited for the coming weeks.
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