Friday, February 10, 2012

A case of the {unintentional} "Next Weeks"

I will start that diet, working out, getting up, etc, etc Monday.  Ahh, Monday.  The great "start over" day.

In 12 weeks I am hoping to get my half marathon PR*.  In 16 weeks I will be cycling 545 miles in 7 days.  In 21 weeks I have my second half ironman*.   I better get on it.

Between work and busy weekends January was a whirlwind.  Knowing this, I didn't plan to start any serious training in January.  In fact, I took the entire month off from running (hence the * on the above events - more on that in a minute), and just got back in touch with my cycling legs and did a few swims.

My plan was to start my Aids/Lifecycle (ALC) training and half marathon training January 30 but as I mentioned in my last post I was hit was a bad cold/flu bug that knocked me out for the past week and a half and I am just starting to feel better.

Last week I made the necessarily adjustments to the schedule for delayed "next week" start.  "Next week" came (this past Monday) and I was still out for the count and again made the adjustments for a "next week" start (this coming Monday, the 13th).  It made me anxious losing those two weeks of training but luckily I had people reminding me that a few days off to get healthy now will be better than multiple days off later because you never let yourself heal properly (because I think you all know I am queen of pushing myself too early.)  Luckily it is still early in the game and the time can be made up.

So despite feeling better and planning two long rides this weekend - next week - February 13 - the official training will start for both ALC and the Pleasanton Half MarathonHalf ironman training will kick in February 29 (which will really only be adding swimming since running and cycling will already be happening.)

Here is what February looks like:

My Saturday rides are already set.  The "optional" rides are ones organized through ALC if I chose to attend.
I have mixed feelings about formal training schedules.  My crazy control freak side loves them.  I like knowing what I am doing when, where, and how far.  I love creating them, starting something new and ultimately they are essential to ensure you are properly trained for any event.  On the other hand sometimes they cause burnouts and make things that are supposed to be fun no fun anymore.  Also, they lead to massive guilt if a workout is missed (although, maybe that is a good thing - keeps you accountable).  However, not having had anything formal in place for a few months I am excited to get started.

And of course, you can't have a training plan without a race to train for.  Here is my final race schedule for the first half of 2012:

March 18: {running} Emerald 12K Across the Bay
March 31: {cycling} Cinderella Challenge 88 miles
April 1: {running} Sac Town 10 miler
April 29: {running} Pleasanton 1/2 Marathon (half PR please!)
May 5: {cycling} Wine Country Century
May 20: {triathlon} Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon
June 3 - 9: {cycling} AidsLifeCycle
June 24: {triathlon} Silicon Valley Olympic Triathlon
July 8: {triathlon} Rev 3 Triathlon 70.3
July 29: {running} San Francisco 1/2 Marathon (first half)

Cheers to "next week"!

* My back issues are no stranger to this blog and despite my best efforts, multiple doctors, and time off, they are not cured.  In all reality, I still don't even have someone who can give me a true diagnosis other than the bones will not hold themselves in place, slip, cause pain, need to be re-set, are re-set, feel relief, slip again - a vicious cycle.  While things are a lot better than they were and cycling and swimming are pretty pain free, I can't always say the same for running.  I will save it for another post if need be but it is no fun to be in so much pain for something that is supposed to be fun.
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  1. Have you run the Emerald Across the Bay before? There was a 12k that I wanted to run in Rocklin but I have to be out of town that weekend. I'm curious how this race is.

  2. I think this happens for anyone and I have no doubt that once you get into the thick of things you'll do great. That AIDS cycle event is insane :)

  3. Sorry to hear your back is still giving you issues :( And also sad I'm not doing any of the races you listed. I'm planning to cheer at SF, though!


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