Thursday, August 18, 2011

Por què Costa Rica?

Dropping my mad Spanish skills!  I spent three years in high school studying Spanish but sadly much has escaped me and this really is about the extent of it.  Luckily the people of Costa Rica were very gracious and tolerant of my "gringo" accent and poor language skills.  On our last night I was finally getting comfortable using the Spanish I did know and proceeded to answer all our hostesses questions in Spanish.  Suddenly she took off, lightening speed, rattling of the specials in Spanish.  I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as she instantly repeated them in perfect English. 

I know this is primarily a running/fitness blog but I personally love reading about others travels and read quite a few entries about Costa Rica on other blogs before we headed out.  I have decided to do a mini travel diary of the 8 days we spent in the county - roughly 5 or 6 posts about each activity we did/hotel we stayed at, etc.  Welcome to my Costa Rican travel journal!

So, why Costa Rica?

To commemorate the end of law school + passing the bar a big vacation was in order, however, we weren't sure where to go.  A trip to Italy is in the works for the future (two plane tickets were my law school graduation gift) but we weren't quite ready to cash those in yet.

This past winter I got hooked on ABC's "the Bachelor" (I had seen snippets of it here and there but never got into it).  One night after a 12 hour day of studying I settled in for some mindless television.  It just so happens Brad and the girls were taking in the Costa Rican countryside.  Bathing in the hot springs, ziplinig through the rainforest, rappelling off waterfalls - by the end of the show I knew exactly where I wanted to go - I wanted a Bachelor vacation of my own.  So that is what we did.  The first four nights were spent at the same hotel the Bachelor was filmed at and we did every activity they did as well.  The advertising worked on me!

If I had all the time in the world there would have been 6 regions I would have liked to visit but given our 8 day time schedule I had to narrow it down to two.  That just means I will have to make a return trip in the future.
After doing a wealth of research on my own, I chose to enlist the help of a travel company - Costa Rica Experts - to help me narrow down the details and because I did not want to rent a car and wanted safe, organized transportation from location to location.  They were FANTASTIC and I highly recommend them if you want help planning your vacation.  Our travel coordinator responded to me within 24 hours of my initial request for information and put together two packages based on what I told her I was interested in.  When I wanted to make changes she usually had them back to me within the hour.  Even at the moment of booking she was still checking flights to see if she could get us a better deal.  Once we arrived we had zero problems with our drivers, activities or hotels.  We had private drivers every time who were prompt, courteous, and helpful.  I really can't say enough good things about them.

Final Itinerary
Friday, August 5: Arrive in Costa Rica, transfer to The Springs Resort, Arenal/La Fortuna for 4 nights

Saturday, August 6: Ziplining

Sunday, August 7: Venado Caves

Monday, August 8: Canyoning

Tuesday, August 9: Transfer to the JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Guanacaste/Tamarindo for 4 nights

Wednesday, August 10: Beach/Pool day

Thursday, August 11: Beach/Pool day

Friday, August 12: Horseback Riding

Saturday, August 13: Depart to come home

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  1. That photograph of you lying on the beach with the sun reflection and the clouds is an amazing shot! Frame that!


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