Monday, August 29, 2011

Costa Rica: Zip Lining with Sky Trek Adventures

When I planned our trip I wanted a mixture of "adventure" and "relaxation."  Honestly, there is only so much lying by the pool I can take.  Everyday that we were in Arenal I had an activity planned for the morning followed by relaxing in the springs in the afternoon (and yes, every activity we did they did every activity on the Bachelor). 

On our first full day we went zip lining with Sky Adventures.  I had been zip lining twice before - in Alaska and in St. Lucia.  Both offered completely different experiences due to their geographical location and both were extremely fun so I was excited to experience what Costa Rica had to offer.

Zip lining in Alaska - I was freezing and had on jeans + three jackets/sweatshirts
Zip lining in St. Lucia - sweating in shorts and a t-shirt
There were a ton of places to zip line in Costa Rica, however, Sky Adventures received the highest reviews.

So far each place has used a different technique as to how your are tethered to the cable and how to stop.  However, each place has always outfitted you in a stylish helmet and harness that gives you a nice weggie. :)

I question if this helmet would really save my brain falling from 650 feet going 50 mph but the lawyers must have approved it.

Since the Arenal Volcano is the star attraction in the area each zip line provided phenomenal views of the volcano.

The adventure started with a trip in the Sky Tram gondola which took us to the first platform.

It was about a 15 minute ride through the rain forest where we got to see some monkeys and a sloth snoozing in the trees.

Of course we took more pictures of the volcano.  We joked that people would look through our pictures and say, "yeah, we get it - you saw a volcano" but because the clouds seemed to always be partially covering it we were constantly trying to get a clear shot.  This one was one of the better ones.

We were greeted with drinks at the top!

Then it was time to get down to business.  There were 8 lines total.  The first two were "test" lines to make sure everyone knew how use their equipment, etc.  Cable 3 was the highest at 650 feet and you zipped directly towards the volcano.  The view was breathtaking!

Cable 5 was the fastest reaching speeds of 50 mph!

Cable 6 was the longest at 2493 feet - a little less than half a mile!

We were in the air for almost a full two minutes.  At one point you could tell they cut a space through the trees because they formed a perfect tunnel around you. 

Look at that form! (insert sarcasm)
Kevin was much more graceful.

If I had to pick, I would definitely say Costa Rica had the best zip lining of the three, with Alaska being a close second.  The lines were longer and faster and you just can't beat the rainforest as a back drop!

After it was back to the hotel to relax in the springs and where I proceeded to play volcano paparazzi and take more pictures of that darn volcano.

It is just so photogenic!
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  1. Nice bike shorts tan!

    In all honesty, I'm way too scared of heights to try ziplining. Scary!

    The volcano does look pretty amazing. Was it always so cloudy? It looks like Portland.

  2. That looks fun, but I'm not sure I cold muster up the balls. YOU look adorable though! And, yes - Nice form!

    Your pictures rock. That volcano looks spectacular. I'm sure the pic doesn't do it justice.

  3. this is on my bucket list. I wish there was something like it in the bay area (is there? I think I heard there were some in Sonoma...)


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