Sunday, August 7, 2011

Clothes: A "minor" obsession

(composed Thursday, August 4, finally got this old computer to connect to the internet yesterday)

This post has been sitting all week waiting to be posted but this week had me running around like a crazy person (and I just now figured out you can "schedule" a post to go up)!  Currently, I am blogging from the San Francisco airport waiting for our red eye flight to . . . COSTA RICA!!  This trip has been a long time coming.  We decided that when I passed the bar we would take one of two big trips we hoped to cross off the life list before ever having a family (yes, I have a list of things to complete before having a baby).  Well, it took a little longer than planned to pass the bar but on May 13 when we got the happy news one of the first things we decided was where to go on vacation (I have a post on that decision to come). 

I am coming at you from my old "ancient" computer I actually used in law school.  I honestly think molasses runs faster than this computer but I didn't want to risk taking my mac abroad.  This will be the longest I was every without it - I seriously have attachment issues to that thing but I wanted to blog on our trip.  I hope this computer makes it!

In going with the theme of this post, I have to point out my excellent packing skills.  See, I am always "that girl" who is shoving my clothes from my suitcase into the husbands to make the 50 pound weight limit for checked baggage.  My suitcase is so big I can fit in it.  I usually have a bag just for shoes.  Well, the husband put his foot down on this trip and said everything must be carried on.  We have a long layover and didn't want to risk a lost bag going abroad.  After two times of "trial" packing I managed to whittle down all my stuff into this:

A duffel bag and a backpack!!  Absolutely amazing (for me) for 8 days.  The true test will be seeing if I ended up forgetting something.

Anyway, last weekend I completed my very first olympic triathlon and only my second triathlon ever (not including as part of a relay team).   My race report is almost done and waiting to be posted but first I want to talk about a race essential - clothes!

In college the big "going out" nights were Wednesdays and Thursdays and you always ran into the same people at the same bars.  Never wanting to be caught in the same thing, one of my best friends and I would head to the mall on Wednesdays to do a little shopping.  While it was rarely an entire new outfit and was usually something very inexpensive - a fun find at Forever 21 or Wet Seal - going out in something new was always fun, even if it was just some fun new accessories.

College flashback
I have carried that mentality over to my race clothing.  I love having new outfits for races and for a while I would always buy a new outfit for a race.  I guess it was like anything - having a new dress to wear to a wedding, new outfit to go out in, I viewed races as "special events" and thus wanted something new to wear though lately I have been trying to be really good and just piece together new outfits from things I already own. 

However, since I had not done a tri since 2008 all I had in terms of tri clothes was a pair of shorts and shirt I bought for that race that were super uncomfortable.

"See Jane Tri" 2008
That was all the reasons I needed to head out and get a new tri outfit for my upcoming races.  Knowing this was also my chance to test my outfit for Big Kahuna I scoured the tri sections of at least three stores and came down to two finalists.

Number 1: 
 Zoot Women's Endurance Tri Racesuit 2011
  • SUPER comfortable.  I did not feel like I was having to squeeze myself into something.
  • Good pocket locations on each hip for fuel and iPod.
  • Built in sports bra.
  • Cute color.
  • Hard to get out of to use the bathroom - A BIG con.
  • Built in sports bra - unfortunately, my girls need lots of support and I wasn't sure this suit could support them for a long run.
  • I can totally get behind wearing this for a race but not so sure I could bring myself to wear it out on a training ride/run/brick, etc.  
Number 2
 Sugoi Women's RSR Tank 2011 + DeSoto Women's Long Dist Forza Tri Short 2011

Top Pros:
  • Long
  • 2 back pockets for fuel
  • Built in bra
  • Cute color
Top Cons:
  • Tighter than I am used to.
  • Built in bra - same as above, although this one was much snugger and I felt much more supported.
Shorts Pros:
  • Not too short but not too long. 
  • More "butt padding" than most tri shorts, yet not so much you feel like you are wearing a diaper.
  • Fold over waistband allowing for smooth lines and eliminating "muffin top" problems.
  • Back pocket for fuel.
Shorts Cons:
  • NONE!  Loved them from the get go.
I wish I could have kept them both but I had to narrow it down to one.  I think the Zoot tri-suit would be awesome to have for sprint distance races but ultimately the bathroom situation coupled with the lack of support made me chose the shorts/tank combo. 

  • Both dried very quickly.
  • They stayed put during all three events - i.e. no riding up.
  • No chaffing and I didn't even use body glide (forgot it).
  • I felt supported enough in the top.

When I am working again and can justify another tri race outfit I think I will definitely go back to purchase the Zoot suit but for Big Kahuna I will be wearing the Sugoi top and DeSoto shorts - they passed the test!

Do you have a clothing problem like I do? 
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  1. For my tri suit, although the top has a built in bra, I bought a simple pull-over bra (no underwire, hooks, etc.) to wear under the top for additional support, and it's worked great for me - just in case you ever do feel like you need some additional support. I actually got it at a tri shop when I got my tri suit, so they assured me it was quick drying.

  2. LOL, yes you're a little obsessed with clothes :). I remember that photo of you in the suitcase when we lived in DC--classic.

    Anyway, glad you liked my recommendations on tri clothes. We can be twins now, except my top is red, they didn't make pink until this year---lucky duck!

    Also, in terms of sports bras, I wear a two piece workout suit top under the tri top for extra support. Works well for me and is also quick drying. One word of advice with that top is due to the weird cut out on the back, be sure to SUNSCREEN everywhere. I got a really weird sunburn once b/c I forgot to sunscreen the cut out =).

    Can't wait to hear about costa rice!

    I think we're in for a europe trip next fall (sept-ish 2012)! eeeeeeee!!!

  3. Love your choice! I'm not a fan on one pieces. I'm glad that sugoi top fits well. Sometimes I cut out the built in bra that NEVER give me enough support so I can just wear a real sports bra but not have all that extra bs.

  4. Just love the apparels that you have contained.BAGedge BE014


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