Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Kahuna: Week 4

Ohh, this recap is going up a little late - but I am to report I only missed two workouts last week!  A swim and then my long run which I explained here - I will consider this a training success!!




Planned: Swim 1825 yards
Actual: Ran 5 Miles

Next week I am switching how I post the "planned" workouts since I never seem to do the right thing on the right day.  My schedule varies daily so some days are better than others for doing a certain activity.

Even though only 4 miles were on the schedule for my midweek runs when I hit four miles I wanted to keep going - so I did!  I must have listened to "Bad Romance" for 4.5 of those miles.  Yes, I was that girl belting it out on the treadmill the whole time.  I had to do something - the tv in the gym didn't work.

5 miles/56:00 minutes/11:11 pace


Planned: Run 4 miles
Planned: Ride 25 miles

Actual: Ran and rode 0 miles

I moved things around to different days to give myself a rest day since I had a lot of work to get done today.


Planned: Swim 1800 yards
Actual: Swam 2000 yards
Actual: Rode 25.5 miles

My friend K and I did a double day workout together - yay workout buddies!  She had just gotten a rode bike so we set a new distance PR for her.  After our ride we cooled off in the pool.  I changed up my workout just a bit to add some more distance.

25.5 miles/1:54/13.5 mph avg


Planned: Run 4 miles
Actual: Ran 4 miles

Planned: Ride 25 miles
Actual: Rode 0 miles (moved to Friday)

Actual: Swam 1800 yards

This is the day when my running went south.  I made it through the 4 miles but I was gimping all the way.

Despite the not so great run the swim felt great.  I convinced Kevin to hit up the pool with me for some laps.  I love that swimming is the one thing I am better than him at - gotta get it where I can!

4 miles/47:00 minutes/11:45 pace


Planned: Swim 2000 yards
Actual: Rode 23.5 miles

I had moved my ride to Friday and when we finished my stomach was just not feeling right and I didn't think it would be a good swim.  Sadly, lap swim is not open on Friday nights so I missed this workout.

23.5 miles/1:43/13.4 mph pace


Planned: Run 8 miles
Actual: Rode 52.5 miles

Knowing my long run was out for the weekend due to my bike, I did my long ride Saturday.  We climbed one of my favorite local hills - Calaveras.  It is challenging but very doable at the same time if that makes sense.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather - low 70s *swoon*!  My legs got a little tired the last 8 miles (and we were riding into the wind) and I don't think there would have been anyway I could have run 13 miles at that point but I take comfort in the fact that 1) I still have 7 weeks and 2) this was a hilly 52.5 miles.  Big Kahuna's 56 mile ride is flat, flat, flat so hopefully the legs won't be as burned out at the end.

52.5 miles/3:54/13.5 mph avg


Planned: Ride 60 miles
Actual: We picked out the bridesmaids dress and my sister got fitted for her wedding dress

After dress shopping last weekend my sister decided that the dress that brought her to tears was THE dress so we went back so she could get measured and fitted.  When she put it on again we all agreed that is was it.  She looks so beautiful.

We also decided on bridesmaid dresses!  Definitely didn't think the dress would look good on me (it is pretty fitted) but so far it has looked great on 3 of 5 of us (the others haven't had a chance to try it on yet). 

This picture doesn't do it justice but it is the black dress but it will be in the pink color.

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 3800 yards
Bike: 101 mile
Run: 9 miles

After the horrible week I had last week, I was pretty pumped with how things went this week.  I am back on track!

Lastly, it is official!!

I am registered for my first Olympic triathlon!  My last (and first full tri - not just as a part of relay) was on 9/27/2008 - before I even had a blog.  I am nervous but excited and hope this will be good practice before Big Kahuna.  I am especially looking forward to getting to test a tri outfit and practice transitions.

These weeks are flying by!
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  1. EEE! Your first Oly! You so got this. Looks like you had a great week of training! (I know nothing about swimming & biking, so it ALL looks impressive to me!) Great job! :)

  2. You already so ahead of the game for this Oly. Glad to hear you back on track. And I think your going to look hot in that dress!

  3. Hey awesome about the tri! Can't wait to hear about it. Triathlons are so scary to me... I'm telling myself I'll do one next year. :)


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