Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Kahuna: Week 3

This weeks training is almost too embarrassing to post.  I honestly don't know what happened but I fell off the wagon big time!  I cannot afford to let this happen again.  I guess all I can do it put it behind me and get back on track which I am happy to report happened today.  Mondays are always good for fresh starts.

Anyway, lets recap this mess shall we?



  I didn't even put a dent in the biking and only got to do half the running - seriously so bad!!

Monday - Happy 4th of July!

Planned: Swim 2325 yards
Actual: Swam 0 yards

Not entirely my fault - all the pools were closed BUT I should have rearranged some stuff and did a run or bike workout.  Instead I hosted a fabulous 4th of July BBQ and watched fireworks.  We walked 2.5 miles to the fireworks and back - does that at least count for something?  Probably not given all the brownies I ate. :)


Planned: Run 3 miles
Actual: Ran 0 miles

Planned: Ride 25 miles
Actual: Rode 17 miles

Kevin had the day off so we decided to pack up the bikes and head down to Carmel for a long ride since we didn't do it over the weekend.  I figured I would just move the run to another day.

I had wanted to swing by a local bike store and get a bike map but he insisted we could just follow the roads and make up the route as we went (I wanted to do between 30 - 40 miles) -can you guess how the story ends?

We started at the entrance to 17-mile drive in Carmel and were greeted by a huge hill not even a mile in - what a way to warm up.  17-mile drive is a scenic road through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach much of which hugs the California coastline and passes by a few "famous" golf courses and landmarks.  There are between 20 and 25 turnouts or "points of interest" along the road.  I have done 17-mile drive many times by car and stopped at some of the "stops" but had never been to all of them.

Once we made it to the first stop we decided since we weren't on a time schedule we would really take the time to check them all out.


"His" and "Hers"

As the name implies, 17 miles later and we were done.  Kevin's solution was do just do the route again in reverse to get to mileage I wanted.  My stomach had its heart set on some french fries.  I think we all know who won (darn, I guess I can't even blame my low mileage on him like I hoped.)  Even if it was short I am so glad we got to experience 17-mile drive on bikes.  Carmel is one of the most beautiful places in California and we are so lucky it is right in our backyard.  I would eventually like to go back and do a "real" ride.  From what I found online they have some really great 40, 50 and 60 mile routes in the area.  I will just make sure to get the map BEFORE hand and don't happen to pass back by the car on said route. :)


Planned: Swim 2000 yards
Actual: Swam 2250 yards - SCORE!

Planned: Run 3 miles
Actual: Ran 3 miles

I finally got my act together - 3 mile run on the treadmill with a cool down swim.

3 miles/36:00/12:06 pace


Planned: Ride 25 miles
Actual: Swam 2000 yard

Planned: Run 3 miles
Actual: Ran 3 miles

My friend K and I had been trying to organize a workout together for a while and today both of our schedules coordinated.  She came to my place and we ran the 1.75 miles to the pool, swam and then ran (uhh, walked/ran) back.  It was so ridiculously hot - 96 degrees - when we went running.  Why do I torture myself in these ridiculous temps?

3 miles/39:00/13.00 pace


Planned: Swim 2350 yards
Actual: Swam 0 yards

Planned: Ride 25 miles (make-up from Thursday)
Actual: Rode 0 miles

I have no good excuses, I simply opted to go shopping instead . . . and get my nails done . . . and possibly take a nap.  I know, I know, rough life.


Planned: Run 6 miles
Actual: Ran 0 miles

All these zeros are getting painful to type.  We were out of town all day - 8 AM to 12:30 AM attending two birthdays and thus no running occurred.


Planned: Run 6 miles
Actual: Ran 0 miles

Planned: Ride 50 miles
Actual: Rode 0 miles

Because of aforementioned birthday parties + wedding dress shopping this didn't happen either.  The alarm was set, I just didn't get up for it.

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 4250 yards
Bike: 17 miles
Run: 6 miles

Shameful, shameful, shameful.  Typing this recap made me realize just how bad last week was (and while it might be painfully long for you to read, it is good for me to see).  I am officially embarrassed.  Umm, hello, 70.3 miles are not going to swim, bike and run themselves.  

Okay, enough moaning and groaning about it.  The bad week is behind me and I just need to focus on nailing the next few weeks of workouts instead. 

Off to be productive (and swim)!
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  1. Love the his and hers bike photo!

  2. 17 mile drive, which I've never driven only done on a mountain bike is definitely hilly. I think 17 miles of hilly riding = at least 25 miles =).

    Life gets in the way sometimes and you just have to roll with it. Training in the summer months, while better than training through crappy weather is hard since there is always something more fun going on.

  3. you're such a multi-athlete! I am a failure at swimming and biking. When I bike uphill, I roll back down. Or I just get off and walk. But then again, I haven't ridden a bike in 3.5 years, so maybe I suck even more now!

    Your bike route looks killer!

    I WILL e-mail you back, btw. I'm trying to think of when a good time to meet up would be. Maybe if things slow down a little at work (I will know the answer to that NEXT wednesday), we can meet for lunch in Pleasanton.

  4. Oh boy, yes, lots of zeros there.
    You can't make up what you missed though so just get back on the wagon this week before it gets out of control.
    I'm only here to help. :)

  5. Suh-weet! I'd love to ride the 17 mile drive. I've only done it from a car. I wonder if you can run there?


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