Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Kahuna: Week 2

Ohhh, I am a little late in posting this but better late than never!  This past weekend really got me off schedule.

Original Big Kahuna Week 2 Schedule:

Actual Schedule:

Nailed every workout but long swim (read pool hours wrong) and long bike (was re-scheduled to this week but that ride got cut short too). 


Planned: Swim 2250 yards
Actual: Swam 2250 yards


Planned: Run 2 miles
Actual: Ran 2 miles

Still not 100% up to speed on the running - ran 2 minutes/walked 2 minutes.  

2 miles/26:00/13:00 pace

Planned: Ride 25 miles
Actual: Rode 0 miles (moved ride to Friday due to a deadline)


Planned: Swim 2000 yards
Actual: Swam 0 yards

Due to above deadline moved swim to Friday as well.  


Planned: Ride 25 miles
Actual: Rode 23 miles (again, happy with any distance between 20 & 30 miles)

After a 4 hour up and back to Sacramento to hand deliver 2 job applications (my deadlines from above - fingers crossed) I needed to get out and stretch the legs.  By the time I got out on the rode at 2:30 PM it was HOT!!  

23 miles/1:47/12.9 mph pace.

Planned: Run 3 miles
Actual: Ran 0 miles (moved to the weekend)


Planned: Swim 2200 yards
Actual: Swam 2000 yards (made up Wednesdays swim and had planned to do 2200 yards Saturday)

Actual: Rode 23 miles (made up Tuesdays ride)

Rode the same route from Thursday except in reverse and did it two minutes faster!
23 miles/1:45/13.1 mph avg


Planned: Run 4 miles
Actual: Ran 4 miles

Bumped my run/walk intervals up to running 3 minutes/walking 2 minutes.  Finished pain free.  

4 miles/49:00/12.15 avg

I was supposed to make up my 2200 "long" swim this day and had planned to do it after my run but I read the pool lap swim hours wrong so I missed this swim for the week.  

Saturday night I headed out with the girls to see  . . . wait for it . . . the NKTOB/BSB concert!  Don't judge - you know you secretly still love them too.  All I wanted as an 8 year old was to go to their concert and at 29 that dream was finally realized.  They put on a hell of show and are still pretty good looking for being 40!  Look at those abs!!

I ALWAYS loved Donnie!  Him and Joey were my favs!

I had to laugh at us - yes, we were drinking wine at the concert!  We were the "old" ladies going to see our childhood idols, especially because the other girls in the suite weren't even old enough drink!  They were clearly there to see BSB.  All my NKOTB music was on cassette tapes!  Yikes!!


Planned: Ride 40 miles
Actual: Ran 7 miles

After being out til 2:00 am it was amazing I even made it out of bed but I wasn't about to miss the first "ramen run." 

What began as only 4 miles turned into 7 wonderful miles in Golden Gate Park.  

7 miles/1:21/11:34 pace

I have no excuse for not riding this week.  I had hoped to turn a ride we had planned two days later into a longer ride but that didn't happen.  I am not so worried about the ride for Big Kahuna but I need to start getting in the miles for our century ride in August. 

Weekly Totals
Swim: 4250 miles
Bike: 46 miles
Run: 13 miles

Overall, week 2 went well.  I am seeing an improvement in my running which I am LOVING!  I will never take being injury free for granted again.  I am still a ways off from my pre-injury speed but I know that will come in time and for the meantime I am just enjoying the feeling of the road under my feet.  

As you can tell I am not always getting my workouts done on the day I "planned" but I feel like as long as I get them done sometime during the week that is all that matters.  

I can't believe it is already Friday!  Off to tackle the day and get ready for a busy weekend.
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  1. NKOTB!!! Woo! :) I saw them twice on their last tour, and it was fantabulous. (Joey fan, here!)

    So jealous right now!

    Ahem. Also, nice job on the workouts. :)

  2. "still pretty good looking for being 40"....
    Gee, thanks! LOL

    My daughter loved them when she was little too. ;)

  3. I heart NKOTB! and casette tapes RULE! as does Donnie's abs. Yummo.


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