Wednesday, June 22, 2011

70.3 - Round 2

Ever since I got my bike in 2007 I have been dying to do a half ironman. Last year was going to be my year. I had my training plan, I had started training, and then life got in the way, and then it got in the way again, and well, it never happened. Despite that, I still went and cheered my friends on as they both kicked butt at the race we were all going to do together. I was tad (ok, a lot) jealous that they were about to race and I was stuck on the sidelines but it made me all the more excited to get my turn. The time has finally come - September 11, 2011 (pending I stay injury free and my back cooperates) I will lining up at the start line of the Big Kahuna Triathlon in Santa Cruz. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run here I come!

After planning and reworking my training plan several times, I have I officially complied a 12 week training plan that will get me across the finish line. Now, most half ironman training plans are 18-20 weeks, however, due to my back still being fussy and a small encounter with a kitchen knife (that required stitches and kept me out of the pool for ten days. Needless to say I will be buying pre-sliced onions from here on out.) I have to work with the 12 weeks I have left until race day. Knowing I am already pretty strong on the bike due to all my recent cycling and the fact I have many cycling events coming up I need to stay in shape for, I will be mostly focusing on the swimming, running and putting all three events together.

My official training started this past Monday. This plan also incorporates the training for many of my fall events including 2 or 3 centuries, a few half marathons and *gulp* a possible marathon (more on those events to come).

2011 Summer/Early Fall Training Plan

Swims are in black, runs are in pink and rides are in orange.  I am pretty sure not all workouts will be completed on the days they are currently scheduled as my schedule seems to change daily but at least I know what needs to be done during the week.  I will be doing weekly re-caps showing the proposed work out/what was actually done and when.  

I am REALLY REALLY excited (and also a little nervous) about this race.  It is coming up quick - better get training!!
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  1. I am really looking forward to being done with grad school & doing my own 70.3 (2012! Woo!)

    You are going to be awesome! have fun with the training!

  2. Wow. Tri training plans look SO intimidating. You're going to do great!!

  3. You'll do great!!! I am so excited for you. Big Kahuna is a blast!

  4. Oh, I just realized--you don't seem to have any rest days built in?? You might want to have a rest day a week or at least one rest day every 10 days.

  5. If you ever want company on your training rides, PLEASE send me a note or a text. Contact me on FB for my phone number. I'd love to ride with you. ;)

  6. Whoa! I'm glad you found me on twitter. I had no idea you moved your blog. I just assumed you quit blogging.

    So exctied for your round 2!

  7. Dude you're badass! I couldn't imagine doing one... need to get over my fear of open water :) Good luck with training!


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