Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Wars & The World's Greatest News

My blog and I have been at war for the past month.  I contemplated moving to wordpress in early April and to retaliate it lost over half my content and messed up my whole design.  Knowing it would take me hours to fix, the job got put on the back burner since I never seemed to have a chunk of time to sit down and re-organize everything.  I guess the task seemed to daunting I was too intimated to start.  However, with a little work here and a little work there I think I have it almost all put back together.  Blogger - you win - for now anyway.

Obviously, a lot has happened since my last post almost two months ago.  I was really hoping to do a "rehabilitative" type series to document my injury and what I was doing to heal it.  I have many notes I have made along the way for potential posts but it seems so long ago now to write them individually.  I have learned a lot more about my injury and while I am not healed completely (as the doctor said it has taken 5 years to get this bad it won't heal itself overnight) I am doing so much better.

So, bullet point style, I will catch you up on the last 2 months.  Despite my injury, I have still completed the majority of races I set out to complete - abet, slower, but I still finished.

Oh, and you will have to read to the bottom to see the "world's greatest news." :D 

Modesto Marathon - March 20, 2011
This was my very first "did not start."  Being that it had only been 4 days since I had decided "no running" I resisted my urge to to it anyway and made the smart choice to spectate.  After all, one of my best friends and her husband were running their very first half marathon that day and they needed a cheerleader.  It was a little hard to watch everyone warming up for the race - I wanted to be right there with them - but I knew I was doing the right thing.  Both J & J kicked butt finishing in 2:13.  I was so proud of them.

Oakland 1/2 Marathon (3:02:42) - October 27, 2011
I contemplated not starting this half either, however, my love of medals got the best of me.  See this race is part of the NorCal Half Series - if you finish four participating races you get an extra medal, and well, I am a sucker.  I decided to start of run/walking and then switch to walking if I had to.  The first 7 miles went well - I would walk a 1/4 a mile and then run 1/4 a mile but then my back started to get tight and I decided not to push it any further and just switched to walking.  Let me tell you, walking is a whole lot harder than running.  My hands swelled really bad and at that point your body just wanted to run.  Despite, that, the course was really fun and I would love to come back next year and run it for real.

Cinderella Classic 65 Miles (4:58) - April 2, 2011
First cycling event of the year!  Thankfully (or I would probably go crazy not being able to run or cycle), cycling does not aggravate my back.   It was a beautiful day for a bike ride - crisp, cool air - just the way I like it.  Samantha, my mom, and I completed the 65 ride with energy to spare.  You can read Samantha's recap here.

Chips and salsa are a fabulous bike ride snack!

Big Sur 9 Miler (2:06:56) - May 1, 2011
Back in October of 2010 I was researching races for 2011 and came across Big Sur's website.  Seeing that the marathon said it was 99% full, I made the quick decision to register for it.  Well, we all know what happened and as the time drew near I knew my back was in no shape to run a marathon.  Already having a girls weekend planned I didn't want to drop out completely so I decided to do the 9 miler and walk the whole thing.  Again, it confirmed that walking is 10x harder than running but I am glad I made the decision to go anyway.  The course was beautiful and the company was fun.  Next year - I am going back for the full!
At the start line 2 hours early huddling together trying to stay warm.
Taking refuge from the cold in the Safeway - in the wine aisle of course!
Wine counts as carbo loading right?

9 mile runners wear green.
Beautiful course!

Love this sign!
Happy finishers - many with PRs!
Wine Country Century (7:37:49) - May 7, 2011
Initially, Samantha and I planned to do the 124 mile option but luckily came to our senses and decided the 100 miles was more than enough after Samantha drove the extra 24 miles the night before.  This was also Kevin's first century too.  We set out at 7:00 am and spent the day riding around the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country.  The weather was perfect and I got to ride with my arm sleeves on all day.  The first 50 miles flew by.  Miles 50 - 70 were rough fighting a head wind but after we turned the corner at mile 70 we had the wind at our backs and flew all the way back to Santa Rosa, that is of course after climbing a hill at mile 93 - who puts a big hill at mile 93 of a 100 mile ride?!?

This was my second century and it had almost 1000 more feet of climbing than the first one I did yet I finished this one almost 8 minutes faster.  I was so happy with my time.  Samantha and I finished together and Kevin finished in just under 7 hours!  Centuries are tough but they are so rewarding. 

Finished century #2 together!
Oh, and the "world's greatest news"?

So, there you have it!  My past two months.  I won't lie - passing the bar has been a constant stresser for me and a big part of my blogging absence.  I honestly couldn't seem to concentrate on much else.  However, now that I have finally passed combined with the fact my back is on the mend I look forward to having the time and attention to turn back to the blog.

I have some fun things planned - stay tuned!
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  1. Yay for passing the bar! Congratulations; I am so happy for you. What are you going to do with all that free time now? :)

    Also, nice job on the rides...every time I read one of your ride reports, I feel that I should totally sign up for a long ride. Fortunately, I come to my senses before shelling out any money!

  2. BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! CONGRATS girl I am so so so happy for you. All that hard work and time and effort finally paid off. I am sure that is a huge relief!

    Had a blast with you at Big Sur!

  3. Holy crazzoly, you have been amazingly busy.... and you still passed the bar while doing all those races (injured)?!

    You are such a motivator! Great job!!!!

  4. I'm glad you decided to come out to Big Sur. I can't wait for next year when we'll both be healthy for the marathon.

    and CONGATULATIONS on passing the bar! What a huge accomplishment!!


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