Thursday, November 18, 2010


In honor of my husband's big 3-0 birthday today behold my weekly re-cap.

T is for Tendinitis.
It was bound to happen.  CIM training had been going so smoothly I knew it wouldn't be long before there would be a bump in the road.  On my second mid-week run last week right when I toed off with my right foot I was feeling a pain across the top of my toes.  Figuring it was probably just the result of lots of running I kept going and when I got home applied ice.  On my next run the pain was intensified.  By my long run Sunday I knew something was wrong, consulted some sports medicine friends and determined it was most likely tendinitis.  Since it was excruciating pain they ruled out a fracture, but the dull, burning pain were classic tendinitis symptoms.  The cure?  Rest, ice and anti-inflammatories.  With CIM less than four weeks away rest really isn't an option.  Thus, this week I did forgo one run in an effort to rest and did my other 6 miler this morning walking.  It is still tender to push off but I figured a 6 mile walk was still good to get the miles in and time on my feet.  I am not letting this slow me down and am just pushing through it.  I have my last long run (22 miles) Monday AM and then it is time to taper.  Once CIM is over I can rest for a bit before starting training again the beginning of January.

Week 6 - TOTAL MILES 28 (goal 28) 

H is for Hot
Where did my cold weather go?  Last weekend when I did my long run at 7 AM I was sweating!!  Luckily, it is starting to cool down again and this weekend is supposed to be in the 50s - yay!  There is a time and a place for 80 degrees and it is NOT in November the week before Thanksgiving. 

I is for Ice Cream Cake
I don't know what has gotten into me but lately I have been making up a storm - cookies, cheesecake, lemon bars, pumpkin rolls, muffins, bread - I think I have made a little bit of everything.  I generally make Kevin cheesecake every year for his birthday but since I just made it last weekend for dinner guests I thought I would try something new and make my own ice cream cake instead of buying one.  What a disaster this cake has been!  First, when I was trying to bake the cake yesterday I had all sorts of problems with the oven turning it into a two hour ordeal.  This morning I got up to make the ice cream and the bowl you mix the ingredients in wasn't frozen (despite being in the freezer for two days) so I had to run to the store and just buy ice cream.  The whole thing is now all put together and setting in the freezer.  It am just disappointed since I have had such a streak of amazing culinary creations that the one that mattered the most didn't turn out like I hoped.  Oh well, it may not look pretty but hopefully it will still taste delicious!

R is for Results
I debated if I wanted to put this on the blog but I figured it would come out sooner or later.  Remember that little three day, 18 hour test I took in July - aka "the bar?"  Well, tomorrow at precisely 6:00 PM I get my results.  I feel like years have passed since I took it and honestly have not even given it much thought.  I am not sure I even want to know at this point - ignorance is bliss.  I was the girl in law school who would carry around my grades in an envelope for two weeks until I convinced myself I would be okay if I failed (which, of course, I never did).  However, unlike law school classes, failing the bar is a very real reality - of those who took the last exam only 40% passed - which means 60% failed.  Like I keep telling myself and everyone who keeps asking me, I will deal with it at 6:00 PM tomorrow night when I know.  Until then, there is nothing I can do and no use in getting worked up about it.  There was nothing I could do about it since the day I walked out of the testing center at 5:00 PM on July 29th.  

T is for Travel
Even if the results are not what I hoped at least I have something fun to look forward to this weekend.  I can't tell you where since it is a surprise for Kevin's 30th birthday but we are headed out of town for a fun little getaway tomorrow.  Details next week!

Y is for Yummy
Okay, so "yummy" is kind of a lame word but it is the only word I could think of for this last event.  Lauren was in town and Aron organized a blogger dinner for all of us.  The dinner was "yummy" and  it was great to see everyone and meet Lauren.  

Amy, Julianne, Kristin, Aron, Lauren, Tara and I
Well, I must go finish up some birthday errands - you only turn 30 once so we are going all out!
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  1. Oooh happy birthday KEVIN!!!!!!!

    Your mileage is still great, take care of that foot.

    Boo for the hot---can you send it up here? It hasn't been above 50 for the last few weeks and they are predicting snow next week. BRRRRRRRRR

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! Have a fun trip. My hubby turns 30 in January so I'll have to get some tips on what to do for him! :)

  3. Happy happy birthday to the hubs! Sorry your foot is bugging you :( I think I was dealing with some tendonitis issues in my foot and icing and resting has helped a lot. Have a great weekend! :)


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