Friday, September 17, 2010


Whew!  I can't believe it is already Friday night.  Tomorrow I will be doing my long training ride at the Memorial Medical Center Cancer Ride in Modesto with Samantha - 63 miles.

This week has been crazy busy getting settled into our new place, training and . . . working!!!  While I am in limbo waiting for my bar results I will be working at Fleet Feet part-time - can you imagine a better job than talking to people about running all day?  I can't.  I started training this week and so far I am having a great time. 

Our new place is definitely a change from what we had but we were able to fit a lot more into that I thought.  One drawback is the washer and dryer - it was made for baby clothes.  I don't think this picture does it justice, however, the spin basket is about as deep as the distance between my wrist and elbow.  I just about cried when I saw it.  It has ended up working out just fine for throwing in clothes here and there during the week but it defiantly won't fit big items like our bed sheets.  Luckily my in-laws are close so I can use their washer/dryer for things like this.

On the flip side my neighborhood has excellent running trails and I am so close to some really good hills to train on.  This week has been fun going out and exploring new areas.  So far I have logged 38.5 miles on the bike.  Sadly, only 11 miles on the trails.  The best part of moving so far though is FINALLY getting to live with Kevin again.   I still can't believe we lived apart as long as we did.  Also, it has allowed me to hang some fun new pictures I got - a little something for all of us!

Beautiful views from the new neighborhood.
4:00 am is going to come really fast.  Off to get some sleep for the big ride tomorrow.
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  1. Hope the ride went well!
    Yayyy for such a cool job, too! I will have to come and visit!
    And now we must also make some running dates!!!

  2. I was cleaning out my browser bar and I came up on your blog again! I totally forgot about this, and it has come SO far since I last saw it. AWESOME! You have seriously accomplished so much, it is crazy. I can't wait to read more. And more than that, I can't WAIT to see you this week!!


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