Saturday, September 4, 2010

Belated Week 4 Recap

Sorry this post is a week late!

Last weekend Kevin and I were in Sacramento putting the final touches on our house getting it ready for renters.  I don't mind clutter so much but I do hate dirt so while you might find my "piles" of stuff as Kevin likes to call them laying around, I always have a clean house.  We scrubbed the grout in the tile, dusted each individual blind, scoured the baseboards - our house is probably the cleanest it has ever been and we don't even get to enjoy it.  Hopefully, we will find good renters who will keep it up.

We had planned to come back to the bay Saturday night but had more stuff to take care of Sunday morning so we ended up staying all weekend.  Some of Kevin's old co-workers had gotten free tickets to the country in the park in front of the capital so we ended spending the afternoon with them.

It made me realize how much I am really going to miss Sacramento.  It is hard to be excited to move and sad all at the same time.
Week 4 Recap
Running: 22.5 miles
Cycling: 108 miles

I hit all my workouts this week.  The only thing I didn't get to do was make up my long ride that I was hoping to make up from week 3, however, all my workouts were solid so I think I will be okay.


The week started off really rough with 100+ temps.  Monday, I was spent making up my long run from Sunday.  Luckily I got out there early but it was still pushing 80 when I finished.

7 miles/1:10/10:00 avg


Tuesday morning I went on an hour ride and worked on some climbing.  I warmed up for 20 minutes, climbed for 20 minutes and cooled down for 20 minutes.

12 miles/1 hour/12 mph avg

Tuesday was also my track workout.  I contemplated not going but since I missed my long run on Sunday I felt guilty.  When I pulled into the track my iPhone said it was 106 out.  Our workout was 1/2 mile warm up and cool down, 2 800s and 1 mile.  However, instead of working on speed, the goal of the workout was just to complete it.  It was really hot, however, I was glad I went as I know I need to improve my ability to train in the heat.

3 miles/32 minutes/10:40


Wednesday I met my friend Kristin for a run along the iron horse trail.  We had 4 miles which normally would have been no problem, however, we got a late start and by the time we finished the second mile it was already 90 degrees and I was dying.  We ended walking the majority of the last two miles which was fine with me because we got to chat and catch up.

4 miles/46:59/First two miles 9:44 and 9:46 respectively


I met my mom for the same 40 mile ride we did two weeks ago.  My garmin reported 1867 feet of climbing and my pace averaged 1.0 mph faster than the last time I did the ride.  I am really starting to feel more and more comfortable on the climbs. 

40 miles/3:04/13.1 mph avg


Ahh, finally cooler temps!  A quick 2.5 mile recovery run around the neighborhood.

2.5 miles/24 minutes/9:36 avg


Saturday I met up with my Foxy's partner in crime Samantha and one of her friends R who I also used to work with.  On the schedule was 55 miles and we rode on the American River Bike Trail.  The goal for this ride was not hills, just distance, however, mother nature had other plans.  Ever had one of those days were no matter which way you go you are going into the wind?  Well, Saturday was that day for us.  We sure got a lesson in resistance training!

55 miles/3:45:16/14.8 mph avg


A quick six slow miles before the concert.

6 miles/1:00/10 avg

Sorry this post is really boring!  I promise to be more interesting next time.
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  1. Not boring! You are going to kick ass at the century ride. I'm jealous of all your riding and of your heat. It's only been in the 60s here and is going to start raining tomorrow =(.


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