Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Foxy's Week 3

I am a few days late re-capping week 3 of training and what a fun week it was!  I missed my weekend workouts but have already made them up yesterday and this morning (hmm, was it a good idea to go on a long bike ride and then have a track workout tonight - we will see!)  Despite not working out this weekend was very productive.  Coincidentally my sister and her boyfriend are moving from Davis to the bay area and will be about 5 miles from our new place!  My sister in law and her husband live about 4 miles away from us as well.  It will be so nice having the family together again.  Anyway, we spend the weekend helping my them move into their new apartment, on the condition of course that they help us in two weeks. :)  All this moving is definitely making up for my lack of any strength training.

Saturday night was spent at a family wedding.  I love going to weddings and this one was no exception.  The bride was absolutely gorgeous and this was the first time since I finished studying Kevin and I got to get dressed up and go out (sad I know).  Since I spend the summer holed up in sweats I took full advantage of getting to get dressed up!  I was a little concerned my dress might be a little to "young" for me, but I loved it so I just went with it.

The beautiful bride and her father.
All dressed up!
Oh wine, how I have missed you!
Week 3 Recap
Running: 11 miles (missed my long run Sunday but made it up yesterday so it will be included in this weeks totals).
Biking: 59 miles (missed my long ride Saturday but I made it up this morning so it will be included in this weeks totals)

I had two "highlight" workouts from last week.  First, was my long ride last Thursday.  Samantha and another one of my Foxy teammates Maria decided to tackle a portion of the Foxy's century course and the famed Cantelow Hill. 
This picture is just to give you and idea of the elevation of the hill, our ride was actually 44 miles total.
The three of us met at Maria's house and left from there.  The first 10 miles were fairly flat with a few rollers.  We all took turns leading and drafting and we keeping a pretty good clip around 15/16 mph.  Mile 11 is when we turned onto Cantelow and the bigger rollers started.  At this point it was actually a really nice ride.  I have come to appreciate rolling hills - for me, they are actually easier to ride then just flat terrain.  I like the small challenges that come with them and I appreciate the small downhills that give my legs a little break.  When you are pedaling on a flat terrain of course it is easier since you you don't have the hills, however, your legs never get a break.  

Miles 13, 14 and 15 is where we encountered the big climb as evidenced by my average mph for those miles - 7.9.  I did have to stop twice for about 30 seconds just to catch my breath but I never had to get off and walk.  When it comes to cycling my cardiovascular strength is not quite equal to my leg strength and even though sometimes my legs feel okay my lungs can't keep up.  Although, I think this time it was a combination of the two.  The view from the top was all worth it.

Samantha and I happy to be at the top!
After we reached the top it was pretty smooth sailing from there - coming down the backside I reached speeds of 28.8 mph!  What goes up must come down.

About 10 miles later we stopped at a place in Vacaville called Vasquez for a little refuel.  They had the most amazing tortillas I have had.  

From there is was about 19 miles back to Maria's place.  44 miles of wonderful weather, beautiful scenery and great company!

However, at that point the day was not done.  For the past two years I have heard about the Sunset Runs sponsored by the San Francisco Feet Feet.  Katie had invited me out to do one earlier in the summer but since I was studying I could not go, but when I saw the last one was in August we made a plan to do it.  

I got there about 45 minutes before it started since I had no idea how long it would take me to get to the city but I brought a book so I just got caught up on some reading.  Katie was doing a 12 miler that day so she was out running 7 miles before hand.  I met up with her around 6:00 and we also saw Julianne and Audrey!  We left a little ahead of the group for a warm up but then just decided to keep going.  It was an out and back - 2.5 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge and 2.5 back.  

The first 2.5 were a little challenging because of the wind, but despite that we kept a 9:30 pace.  Once we got to the Golden Gate we had to take a picture to commemorate our reunion with the bridge.  Remember the The Relay I participated in back in May (yes, I know, I still have never written a re-cap which I will do by the end of the year), well, Katie and I ran our middle of the night legs together since I am a chicken and was a little nervous to be out there all alone.  Her leg went over the Golden Gate Bridge so we got to cross the bridge at 2:30 in the morning together.  It was such an awesome experience.  
Even though it was a "Sunset Run" we couldn't really see the sun because of all the fog, however, it made for PERFECT running weather.
The 2.5 back were a lot easier since we had the wind at our backs.  I have to note that Katie is an amazing runner and could run circles around me, however, is so sweet and so patient with my 9-10 min/mile pace.  I hope she can pace me to my sub 2 at San Jose.  Thanks Katie for running with me!

5 miles - 9:33 pace.  After 44 miles of biking, not bad!

I am back in the bay area this week for a few days getting some more stuff done for the move.  I have been LOVING the weather down here - nice and cool, however, the last few times I have been down I have forgotten to bring jeans, etc since the nights have been so cold and windy.  This time I come prepared with jeans and sweatshirts and guess what - today there is supposed to be a high of 102!  Yuck, yuck, yuck - luckily, it is supposed to be cool again by Thursday.  I am not looking forward to my track workout tonight in this heat.  I think it will be a miracle if survive BUT I have been noticing a difference in my pace so I think these 400s and 800s are helping so I will go out there and push through.  I know many bloggers that I follow have it a lot worse (humidity anyone?) so I will try not to complain - I am lucky to have the weather we have most of the time. 

Hope you all are having a good week!
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  1. Yay! Great work chica. You are going to do great. I'm actually jealous of your biking and running, I haven't been doing much of either =(.

  2. also super cute dress, you always look so put together!

  3. Great post! And what amazing weather we had on our ride - so lucky for the middle of August. I am ready to tackle Cantelow again. ;)

  4. Great training, girl! You are rockin' it!

  5. Hello! How can a dress be "too young" for you? You *are* young!!! Now, if I tried to wear that? ROFLMAO! ;)

  6. I am ALWAYS SO IMPRESSED by all your biking! And you did a nice brick that night at a great pace in the cold! You can do circles around me in on the bike!!! 29 mph - holy cow!
    Can't wait to run with you again! When you're all settled - it's on like donkey kong!!
    P.S. - cute dress

  7. awesome training week! You had a big day with the ride and Sunset run! And love the dress! I am currently obsessed with grey clothing :)

  8. Hey thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere! I'll definitely add you to my blogroll and keep tabs on you ... in a non-creepy way of course. Oh and LOVE that sassy dress!


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