Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foxy's Fall Century Training Plan

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2010 has been nothing short of a crazy year so far.  I feel like the minute I make one plan, something happens and everything changes - the bar, my job, my races - everything.  As I mentioned here, mid summer, I revised my 2010 goals, and of course, in keeping in true 2010 form, things have changed yet again due to some unforeseen circumstances.

As I mentioned back when I had to pull out of Barb's training, I was going to train to complete the Big Kahuna Half Ironman Triathlon in Santa Cruz in September after I got done with bar.  It would be only a six week training cycle.  I had anticipated being able to keep a more regular workout routine while I was studying, however, once July hit I was pretty much tied to my desk 24/7 meaning I didn't get in one ride or swim for the month of July.  Now that I am done and assessing my fitness level, I just don't think I would be able to race the race I would want to race in only six weeks time.  Additionally, since I had not yet actually registered for it, it being an expensive race and me currently being unemployed I just don't feel right spending that amount of money on a race I am not properly trained for.  Thus, I am putting my half ironman dreams off til 2011.  I feel silly having to do this, especially, since I announced I was committed to training for it, but if 2010 has taught me anything it is that life happens, you cannot control everything, and the only way to get through lifes curveballs is to be flexible and find the good in the situation.  I still have many fun things to come and it will be something to look forward to next year.

One of those fun things being to complete a century ride (100 miles).  Myself, along with three of my old co-workers are going to tackle Foxy's Fall Century on Saturday, October 16th.

I am REALLY excited for this new challenge and have really enjoyed riding my bike more and more this year.

I had a hard time finding a specific training plan online or in a book, however, I based my plan loosely on one in Bicycling Magazine.  My plan is an 11 week plan with three days of riding.  My mid-week rides include one "speed" or one "strength" ride.  A "speed" ride is equivalent to a fartlek run where a "strength" ride would be the equivalent to a hill training run.  My other mid-week ride will just be a slow and steady ride.  My long rides will be on Saturdays.  This past weekend I started with a distance of 44 miles and will peak at a distance of 80 miles.

Training started last week where I had two rides on the schedule.  I wanted to ease back into it and not do too much too soon.  My mid-week ride was only 20 miles on fairly flat roads.  I had contemplated doing a few hills but once I was out there decided against it.  I was really surprised how out of shape I felt - it had only been a month.

My long ride was on Saturday with my old co-worker and friend Samantha who is doing Foxy's with me.  We rode 44 miles total - for anyone familiar with Sacramento we rode from Watt Ave to Folsom Lake and back on the American River Trail.  While I had run up in Folsom before, I had actually never been all the way to the lake on the trail.

We met at 8:00 am in front a little cafe right off the trail.  The trail was already very busy - everyone trying to beat the heat!  Samantha and I have ridden together to work back when we worked together so we have a good system when we are riding together.  We take turns leading and drafting - makes it so much easier.

The first 12 miles were nice and flat for the most part, however, we hit some nice rolling hills for the last 8 miles. We made it to the lake - 22 miles - in 1:40.

I ate a bag of GU Chomps even though I wasn't hungry since I know hunger seems to sneak up on me when I cycle.  

The first 8 miles on the way back were awesome - what goes up must go down - we shaved about 20 minutes off our time on those 8 miles on the way to the lake.

(courtesy of Samantha)
The rest of the miles were good until about the last 5.  All of a sudden I was starved and NEEDED food immediately.  I debated taking my Gu at that point, however, I knew we were almost to car and lunch so I just tried to ride through it.  I don't know what it is about cycling but hunger seems to hit me me suddenly when I ride to the point it is almost debilitating and I am shaking.  I REALLY need to follow a better fueling plan on my rides.

Once we got back to the car it took everything I had to load my bike back up - I was focused on the food.  Luckily the cafe was fast and I got my salad wrap and french fries fairly quickly.  I devoured the entire thing!

While we were eating we were both talking about how 100 miles seems so daunting - especially since I was pretty tired after the 44.  The farthest I have ever ridden is between 68-70 miles.  I just keep telling myself though it is like running - I remember when 13.1 miles was daunting but when I was marathon training I welcomed my 13 mile long run weeks. 

After lunch Samantha and I said our goodbyes but are meeting up again in two weeks with another one of our fellow Foxy's riders to tackle some hills that are actually part of the course.  I also plan on going out and actually driving the course ahead of time just so I know what I am up against.

It feels good to be training again!
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  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear about your journey to this ride. It's going to be awesome!

    Century is definitely a goal for next year for me.

  2. Wow a century ride sounds.. challenging!!! But I know you can do it! :-) Good luck!!

  3. Wow, you're right. Life happens and you learn to deal with the cards that have been dealt. I like your attitude! A Century ride sounds like fun.. I wonder if I could find one around here? probably not until next summer. dang winter months. :)

  4. I am excited for you! A century is definitely on my to-do list! If you need a cycling buddy give me a call I would love to do some long rides with you :)

  5. Don't beat yourself up about missing the Tri - you made the right choice for YOU! It will be there in 2011!
    Whoo hoo for a century ride! That is hardcore! I'm very impressed! Can't wait to run with you!

  6. We are going to rock it at Foxy's like we know exactly what we are least that's the story I keep telling myself.

  7. Great training plan and good luck to more of your run and training. looking forward for good result.



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