Monday, August 16, 2010

Boxes Boxes Everywhere, Week 2 Training + WINNER

First, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered my CSN giveaway.

The winner is Amy who agreed with me that Nordstrom was a great place to have unlimited spending, however, would also love to be able to have unlimited spending to buy more kitchen gadgets.  Well, Amy you are in luck as CSN stores has a GREAT housewares section.  I forwarded your email to CSN so they should be contacting you shortly.  Congrats!
I mentioned here and I am sure in previous posts that we are in the process of moving to the bay area.  A little background - Kevin is originally from the bay area and I moved there in middle school.  We both went to high school there and then moved away for college and ended up in Sacramento post college, bought a house (of course, before the market went south) and figured our life would be in Sacramento for awhile.  We both knew we eventually wanted to come back to the bay as both our families are still here but had no plans to move anytime soon.  Last June, Kevin was contacted about an amazing job opportunity in the bay.  I still had a semester of law school, we had a house in Sacramento that unfortunately due to the market we could not sell but the job opportunity was too good to pass up.  We made the difficult decision to have him move down to the bay and as soon as I was done with school I would follow.  Well, you can see how well that worked out and now over a year later I am finally getting down there.  I am excited that we can finally live like a normal married couple again!

Temporarily, we have to move into an apartment since I currently don't have a job and we are trying to find renters for our Sacramento house.  If you know anyone moving to Sacramento needing a house to rent send them my way! :)  Trying to condense a house into 750 square feet is NOT an easy feat!  Even though our apartment will not be ready until the first week of September our property management company said they will start showing our place as soon as our personal property is out (we can leave the furniture).  The sooner the better so we don't have to pay rent at the apartment and our mortgage! 

A little delirious yoga around 10:00 pm amongst the boxes.
Sadly, this is not even half of it.  Thanks to the in-laws for letting us use their garage as a temporary storage space. 

In the meantime I am splitting my time between the bay area and Sacramento trying to get things done in both places (and trying to find a job!!).  I am looking forward to being settled in one place.
I got in ALL my workouts last week for both century training and half marathon/marathon training (one small benefit to being unemployed I guess).  The marathon being CIM and the half being Rock 'N Roll San Jose where I am hoping to get my under 2:00 hour PR!!

Total: 79.1 Miles
Speed Ride: 16.5 miles
Steady Ride: 22.3 miles
Long Ride: 40.3 miles

As you can see, this week I did a "speed" ride as opposed to a "strength" ride.  I did a warm up and cool down and 8 "30 second sprints" at a 19 mph pace.

My long ride was supposed to be 45 miles, however, the route ended up being a tad short.  It is okay though as I plan to make it up during my steady ride this week.  Additionally, the ride had over 1759 feet of elevation gain so I felt good about getting in a lot of hill work. 

Total: 16. 5 miles
Track Workout: 3 miles
Midweek Runs: 7.5 miles
Long Run: 6 miles

I hadn't done speed work in a few months and it was pretty killer on the legs.  My workout consisted of:

4 x 400 (2:20)
2 x 800 (2:25)
4 x 400 (all over the place)

I didn't keep a very consistent pace for the the last 400s but at that point I was just trying to survive!  For my first speed interval in a while I was pretty happy.

Well, some Uhaul boxes are calling my name unfortunately.  Is it a bad thing that so far I have packed 4 boxes and they are all shoes?  I think not.  :)
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  1. You did that much climbing? You are going to smoke me on Thursday up Cantelow...just promise no laughing.

  2. yay! I'm a winner! This is very exciting. :) thanks for having the contest!

    Good luck w/ the move. That can be hard/stressful/exciting/fun! I hope you find renters quickly.

  3. I feel for ya - we're in the process of finding a new house and selling our current. It's not fun, for sure!

  4. OMG can I relate! We did this SAME thing when we moved back from Sac. We rented our house, boxed everything up and moved into an appt before buying a new one. We were there almost 18 months (due to the market that kept tanking) and it was hard! My advice to you, be patient. It is very hard to go from being a home owner in a HOUSE to be a tennant in an APPT! We didn't unpack a thing at the appt in hopes that would light a fire under us to find something else. Yeah, that didn't work!

    And, as far as getting your house rented in Sac, we put up signs EVERYWHERE! EVEYWHERE! We have always been able to fin a renter with in a few weeks. So if the prop mgmnt company doesn't work, you can do it on your own. I bet you could even draw up the lease paperwork you little lawyer! Or, google some, they have free ones on the net :)

    I can't believe I didn't win!!! And, I think I will be seeing you on Thrusday!

  5. I don't envy the boxes---I kinda don't want to see one for a LONG time.

    Great job with the biking and running, I'm still in bit of recovery mode wondering when I found all the time to get in all my training before =).

  6. Congrats to the winner!

    Moving and everything about it sucks. Here's to hoping it's as stress free as possible!


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