Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barb's Race Spectator Report + GIVEAWAY

(Read all the way to the bottom to see the awesome $40 CSN GIVEAWAY!!  CSN has a little bit of everything - from dining room furniture, to outdoor goodies, pet supplies, school and office to supplies and even SHOES!!)

Phew, that is over!  July 29th I returned to the world of the living.  I honestly don't wish the bar exam on anyone - it has to be one of the world's worst experiences ever.  Studying the second time around was especially heinous, however, I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was summer and everyone was out having fun and I was stuck inside all day, alone, studying.  During the course of the last two months I missed my best friend having her baby, three birthday parties, a trip to Tahoe, and 2 bridal showers, and reading blogs.  I am sorry I have been absent but limiting my time on the internet was the only way to stay focused.  I am looking forward to getting caught up with everyone.

Anyway, it is now over and I can't do anything about it until the results come out in November (yes, I think that is considered cruel and unusual punishment).  I have lots of fun things coming up so hopefully I can keep my mind off of it all.

I have so many things to catch you up on:

- Half marathon/marathon training started on Tuesday, August 3
- Century training started Wednesday, August 4
- Our big move - after more than a year of living apart Kevin and I FINALLY get to live together again!

All fun posts to come.

However, you might remember that back before everything happened, I was training for Barb's Half Ironman on July 31.  Obviously, due to studying I was no longer able to train, however, my "Team KAT" girls, Alisa and Tara, continued on and finished the 70.3 mile race and became "Ironwomen!"  I was so so proud of them both and so happy I was able to be there to cheer them on.

Barb's race was up in Guerneville which was just north of Santa Rosa in Sonoma.  It was held the same day as the full ironman "vineman" event so it was also really awesome to see the athletes tackling the 140.6 distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 run).  Both races shared the same course.

I got to the race start right around 7:00 am and quickly met up with Alisa and Tara.  They both looked really good and not a bit nervous! :)  As we were waiting for their wave to start we got to see the first guys from the full ironman come out of the water and start on the bike (the first ironman wave started at 6:30 am) - truly amazing athletes!   I have to admit, being out there with all the pre-race excitement made me a little jealous I wasn't going to be racing but at the same time I was so excited for the girls.  Both had trained extremely hard and I was happy that even though I couldn't be out there with them on the course I could be there for them on the sidelines.

Alisa and Tara were both in the first wave started at 8:10 am so a few minutes before we said our last "goodbyes" and "good lucks" as they headed down to the water.  Two minutes later the horn sounded and they were off.

Alisa came out of the water in record time and had a quick transition to the bike.  Tara was right behind her.  I did my best to try and run along side of them to cheer as they started off on their 56 mile ride.

T2 (the transition from bike to run) was actually at a different location all together.  I had originally hoped to try and stop along the bike course to cheer them on, however, after talking with Alisa's family and Maritza we weren't really sure where to go.  Maritza had a really good location at the end of the bike course that was also along the run course so we just decided to catch up with them there.  In the meantime we went and grabbed breakfast - spectating is hard work!

Kinda felt guilty sipping mimosas and bloody marys while the girls were out biking 56 miles!

After breakfast we headed over to wait for the girls to come in on the bike.   Our spot was really good - we got to see them come in on the bike and since the run course did a couple out and backs we got to see them 4 times on the run.

Tara came in first on the bike and then we saw her a few moments later leaving on her run.  She looked fantastic despite the fact she had been racing for almost 5 hours now.

Alisa came in on the bike about 30 minutes later also looking full on energy.  A quick kiss from the hubby and she was on her way.

Over the course of the next 2 hours we got to watch many amazing athletes - both full and half racers - come in on the bike as well as leave on their runs.  One of the funny things about triathlons is that they put your age on the back of your leg so you know who you are racing against in your age group.  I think one of the most amazing things I saw was a 76 year old women out there racing.  She was smiling and laughing and giving everyone high fives as she passed.  I really hope that is me someday.

Every time Alisa and Tara passed us they both looked great and were always smiling.  I missed seeing Tara cross the finish line but met up with her right after.  She had an amazing race and I was so happy for her!

I got to the finish line about 30 minutes before Alisa finished.  I have to admit - I got a little emotional myself just watching everyone finish.  What a huge accomplishment.  Before long, I saw her making her way around the corner - this race was in the bag!


Even though I didn't get to race like I had hoped, I am still so glad I was able to be there to spectate and support them.  I had never actually gone out just to spectate a race before and I had a lot of fun.  From my own experience, spectators are very important to racers and I tried to be the kind of spectator I always hope to see when I race.  After watching Alisa and Tara it made me so excited for the opportunity to compete a half ironman of my own.  (You can read Alisa's re-cap of the race here.)



This is my VERY FIRST giveaway and I couldn't think of a better way to start my return to the blogging world after the bar hiatus.

Like I mentioned, CSN has a little bit of everything - from dining room furniture, to outdoor goodies, pet supplies, school and office to supplies and even SHOES!!  I found many ways I would love to spend $40 on their site but I want YOU to have it for sticking with me even though my blogging has been very sporadic lately.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and answer the following question:

"If you could have unlimited to spending to any store what store would that be?" 

Since I have a bit of a shopping problem this was hard for me, however, if I HAD to pick it would most likely be Nordstrom - I can get my clothes, shoes, make-up, purses and even running gear all in one place.  

The giveaway will be open until SUNDAY, AUGUST 15th at midnight and I will announce the winner Monday, the 16th, in the morning. 

Good luck!
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  1. great spectator report! I love being a spectator - the racers are always so nice, and as an occasional racer, it's so fun to hear strangers cheering!

    So glad you could be there for A's big race!

    As for the give-away...I do love Nordstrom's! But I've been such a kitchen-crazy-lady lately, too! With the state of my wardrobe, though, I definitely need new clothes, and where better to have unlimited shopping than Nordstroms. :)

  2. I could shop in Old Navy all day!

    With all your dedication you're going to ace the BAR. :)

  3. Can I choose Amazon.com?! It seems like no matter what I need, I search there, order it, and LOVE getting the package in the mail!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  4. It would be to a local furniture store. I would love a whole new bedroom set. I could also use some furniture for the office and the guest room.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  5. This may sound funny, but it would be Nordy's, too! I am not allowed to shop there anymore - long story short they pissed my hubbs off on a rather large purchase and didn't even try to correct it. So, if he even gets one hint that I went shopping at Nordstroms he gets so mad! LOL!
    Glad you're back, I missed ya ;)

  6. If I had an unlimited budget to shop at any one store? That's hard. Like you, I like Nordstroms, but I also really like shopping at little boutique stores. What I'd really want to buy is a house. Can I shop at a house store?

  7. walmart! =] it has most things i need and want.
    aznhanavira at gmail dot com

  8. I would live at Macy's if I could! Just kidding! I just love the clothing and jewelry from there.

    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  9. It was amazing to have you there with me for this race! I can't even tell you how much it meant to have you there knowing I'd get to give you a big sweaty hug! LOL

    When you're ready to take the challenge yourself I will be there.

    Lately I feel like all my shopping is at HomeDepot but if I could take my pick I might choose somewhere like Ann Taylor Loft or The Limited =).

  10. AHHH i wish i could have been there, thank you for the fabulous spectator report :) i bet it got you pumped for big kahuna!!

  11. OH and the giveaway :)

    ahhh thats a tough question. i could see my fav clothing stores, but the more practical side of me is going to go with costco or target, i could def buy A LOT in those stores.

  12. You're too cute! I love your spectator report!! :-)

    Oh I would LOVE an unlimited shopping spree to Target! :-)

  13. THANK YOU!!!! I loved having you out on the course and thank you for taking so many pictures! Having awesome spectators definitely puts a smile on my face :)

    Well, since I am moving soon and I have a huge list of stuff I want...I would go with an unlimited shopping spree to Macy's since they have lots of awesome home decor and cute shoes :)

  14. Sad butue but I'd prolly pick Target LOL


  15. So glad you survived the bar exam and are back!! I have missed your blog :) What a great spectator report---can't wait to read some of your race reports!


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