Friday, May 28, 2010

Has it really been 5 years?

May 28, 2005 - 5 years ago today Kevin and I got married!!  The day started a little gray but right before the ceremony the clouds parted and the sun came and gave way to the best party ever!  I wish we could be doing it all again tonight!

Fun fact - even though we have been only married for 5 years we have been together for 11.  We met in high school photo class - I was a junior and he was a senior.  6 months after we started dating I actually moved in with him.  My dad was taking a job in a town over 3 hours away so my family had to move.  I know it was a terribly tough decision for my parents to make but they didn't want to have to make me change high schools for my senior year.  Kevin's parents stepped in and said, "why doesn't she just stay here?"  I think deep down Kevin and I were both a little freaked out - what if we broke up - but my parents trusted his parents and he has such a wonderful family and it ended up working out perfectly (obviously)!  We both ended up in the same area for college and while on a trip to Cancun on August 15, 2003 Kevin asked me to marry him! 

(from our trip to Cancun)
(engagement photos)
(the greatest day ever)
(the bestest of friends)
(I am the luckiest girl in the world)
(from our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands)

We both have the day off today so we are off to San Francisco for a day of hanging out and a night on the town.  Here is to many more wonderful years together!
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  1. So sweet! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary Kristen! Your wedding dress is beautiful. ;)

  3. i am late, but happy anniversary!!!! our 5th is coming up in a couple weeks :)

  4. Happy anniversary! You guys are so cute together! :)


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