Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend Warrior

One more post and I will be all caught up!

I had an awesome weekend of running and biking this last weekend but first I want to share the interesting speed workout I did a week ago Wednesday.

On my training schedule was eleven 30 second intervals at 9:00 min miles with 2 minute active recoveries for a total time of 50 minutes of running.  I met up with the Fleet Feet group out on the trail and the coach had us do something called "ladders."  We started with a one mile warm up.  As we came in from our warm up she had us line up in the order we finished.  From this, she put us into groups of 5 or 6 based on the time we finished.  Then, in our group of 5 or 6 we took off single file down the trail.  The speed workout came into play when the last person in line sprinted forward to then become the first person in line.  Once you became the first person you set the recovery pace and waiting for the back person to sprint forward and take over.

In theory, this would have been an amazing workout, however, despite the fact that everyone in my group came in at around the same time we were NOT the same pace when it came to these sprints.  My sprints were averaging around 8:15/8:20 which would have been fine for 30 seconds, but then the active recovery was being set up around 8:45.  Way too fast for me.  After about 2 miles I had to drop out of my group because I just couldn't keep up.  I was hoping to join the group behind me, however, they never caught up.  By the time we got to the 4.5 mile mark and it was time to cool down I saw my entire group had broken up.  I guess we just weren't a good match for each other.  I would love to try this workout again but I think the group should have no more than 4 - 5 people and we should discuss the exact paces we plan on running.

Total: 5.5 miles, 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with 3.5 miles of speed training. 

On the training schedule was a 2 hour and 15 minute training ride.  Knowing however I was a week out from my big Breakaway Ride I wanted a longer ride with some hills.  My parents were going out for a 47 miler so I joined up with them.

I set my alarm for 7:00 am as my parents were coming over at 7:30 am.  At 7:36 am my phone rings and they said they were outside waiting - YIKES my alarm never went off - I set it for "pm" instead of "am."  I think I set a record in getting ready - literally 15 minutes and if you know me you know that is good.  After force feeding myself some toast (after my dad told me I had to eat - yes dad - thank you) we were off (I can't eat until I have been up for a while).

We hit our first hill about 2 miles in.  It was a short climb but steep.  I always curse my way up these hills but know it is always worth the downhill on the other side.  From there it was pretty flat until about mile 30.  It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we had perfect weather.  We had a pretty steady climb from about mile 30 to 33.  Not too steep but steady.  This was what I wanted to practice on this ride because take a took at miles 24 to 28 of my ride this weekend - STEEP AND STEADY!

It is even named "King of the Mountain Climb" - what have I gotten myself into??

From mile 33 on we had some nice rolling hills with one last push up a steep hill at mile 44/45.

Total: 47 miles

On my last 50 mile ride I was started to feel pretty low on fuel towards the end so this time I decided to try fueling every 10 - 15 miles instead of 15 - 20.  Something about cycling makes me need more fuel than while I am running.  This seemed to workout for me so this is the strategy I am going with this Sunday.

According to my Garmin this ride took us 3 hours and 43 minutes, however, the clock never stopped ticking and we made two bathroom stops as well as stopping at multiple stoplights.  I am estimating that the stops were each about 10 minutes - thus actual saddle time was about 3 hours and 23 minutes.  I have no idea how long the Breakaway ride will take me but it is just a ride, not a race.  I am just hoping I can make it over the "King of the Mountain" mountain!!  If I HAD to pick a goal though I would hope that I can average a 14 mph pace.

Scheduled was a 1 hour and 5 minute long run - roughly 6 to 7 miles - but today was going to be different - I was going to have people to run with!!  I have read about so many other bloggers having blogger meet-ups and running buddies and I have always been so envious since I have no runner friends up here in Sac.  Aron had organized a blogger meet up for bloggers in the bay area and since I was down there I got to meet up with them.  Everyone was going different distances and then we were all going to meet up at Peet's Coffee after.  I got to run with Roadbunner for a few miles and the majority with Maritza!  Despite initially only planning to run 8 miles I ended up going 10 since the miles just seemed to fly by.  Around mile 8 my knee started to act up (in addition to already dealing with a mild case of runner's knee back from December, I was also long over due for new shoes) so I dropped back and took a walk break for about a 1/4th a mile and ran the rest of the way.  It was so much fun meeting everyone and I hope to do it again soon.

Total: 10 miles

Aron, Me, Sarah, Amanda, Melissa, Jo Lyn, Maritza, Sandra, Kerry, Tara, Kristin & Boomer

After we chatted over coffee for an hour a few of us ran into Lucy (so happy this store is not only in OR) and of course, I could not leave empty handed.  I got a cute re-usable ice pack and a headband.  I went home and used my ice pack on my knees and loved it!!

Monday after work I headed to Feet Feet as it was time for new running shoes!  They gave me a choice between Mizunos and Brooks but after a bad experience I with Mizunos last year I went with the Brooks.  All of my running shoes have been Brooks and I have loved them all - if it isn't broken don't fix it right?  Mizunos sucked me in last year with their much more stylish shoe, however, while I will sacrifice beauty for comfort with my everyday shoes and clothes, when it comes to running comfort is key.  Brooks has my heart!

New shoes and a cute ice pack!
I will leave you with a picture of Tori who was helping me blog a few weeks ago.  She is so tech savvy!

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  1. I'm bummed I missed such a great blogger meet-up. One of these days...

    Nike Marathon selection is happening NOW. Been reading online about people's credit cards being charged. I've been checking my online account constantly and nothing :(

  2. SO MUCH FUN having you there!!! ANYTIME you want to come out here and run we are always running, so just let us know :) great job with all the training!

  3. I am pretty sure your shoes are the same as mine! :) Brooks Defyance FTW! :)

    Great job on the ride!

  4. I second Aron's comment! We are running all the time out here and meet up often even if we run at different paces (but you and I match!) so let us know!

    Great job on your workouts! No wonder you got tired in the knees...we were going at a pretty good clip and you had just done that hilly ride the day before! I think the icing and new shoes will help :)

  5. Nice ride. That course looks INSANE! 2000 ft of elevation climb. Yikes! Good for you girl. Espcially with the stops you still made it in good time. My legs would have been trashed after that.

    What's your feuling method?

    Nice job at the half. Isn't it great when you go in expecting the worst and totally surprise yourself. Must be all that cross tarinining. Well Done Kristen.

  6. Nice ride and it was so nice seeing you for the group run! I love that ice pack and I think I might need to go back and buy it :)Keep up all the good work!


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