Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Buggy Brick

(From Wednesday, April 7, 2010)

Are you ready for about 3 posts to go up at once? I think I figured out the problem with my blog. I have been typing my blog posts in Word and then cutting and pasting them into blogger. This way I don’t need to have internet to write a post, however, my paste has not been working and I think it has to do with the font I type in Word with (I have a Mac). Anyway, I think I figured out the problem but have a bit of a back log.

You guys don’t even seem to watch TV! However, I will still share with you my secret obsession – 16 and Pregnant (glad I have a friend in Maritza). I feel terrible for these babies but it is like a car accident – I can’t turn away. It is terrifically trashy!

Ok – on to the real stuff.

Besides those few long weekend rides I have done I have been dying to actually get outside and ride midweek. Last Wednesday presented the perfect opportunity. I was already headed to the trail to meet my Fleet Feet group at 6:00 for 5 miles of speed work so I figured I would just hit the trail a little early on the bike.

The only bathrooms at the trailhead are porta-potties so I knew that whatever I biked in I would have to run in so I opted just to ride in my running gear. I was little worried about being sore from not wearing bike shorts but since it was going to be a fairly short ride I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

As I think I have mentioned previously, I do not like to be on this trail alone mainly for safety reasons. I might be overly paranoid, but when it comes to things like this I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. Luckily for me, at 5:00 pm the trail is packed with runners and cyclists so I felt a little more at ease about heading out alone. However, I was worried about the possibility of getting a flat and being stuck and not making my run. I technically know how to change a tire but I have yet to successfully do it alone. Thus, since I had a 10 mile ride planned I went 2.5 miles out in one direction, turned around and then went 2.5 miles out in the other direction and back. This way I figured if I did get a flat I would at most only be 2.5 miles away from the car and I could walk that no problem.

My workout called for a warm up, 6 x 20 second speed intervals with 2 minute rest between them and a cool down. Since this was such a short ride I wanted to make it count and decided that my warm up and cool down pace would be 15 mph, my speed intervals would be up around 20-21 mph and my 2:00 rests would be right around 17 mph. My 48 mile and 50 mile rides my pace averaged to be right around 13 mph so I definitely need to work on speed.

I used the first and last 2.5 miles as my warm up and cool down and the 5 miles in between to do my speed intervals. I finished 10 miles in about 35 minutes. By the time I got back to the car this left me 10 minutes to transition from bike to run. The point of this brick was just to practice having a run after a bike, not to work on efficient transitioning so I didn’t mind the break between.

(I tried to take a picture of myself after the workout but none of them came out to well so I leave you with a picture of the trail.  Posts are just more fun when there are pictures!)

Our coaches decided that instead of speed work we would work on hill training. We did a 1.5 mile warm up and cool down and 2 miles of hill work in between. We also did some trail hill training. One of the reasons I love these training groups is the opportunity to work on things I wouldn’t normally do on my own. We stopped after the warm up to go over technique, etc and we had to take turns on the trail hill since it was so narrow. Thus, while I ran 5 miles total it was kind of choppy and since we were running hills my 5 miles was definitely slower than usual. The entire workout lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Total: 10 mile bike, 5 mile run

This was my first “official” training brick and I was pretty happy with it. It wasn’t even supposed to be a brick but I missed my cycling workout Tuesday so I had to shift things down this week. I actually did all 3 disciplines Wednesday – 1300 yard swim before work and my brick after.

Eluding the title of this post was the amount of gnats and mostiqutos on the trail. I woke up Thursday morning with at least 10 mosquito bites and I probably swallowed more gnats than I care to know. I guess water + 72 degrees after weeks of cold and rain = multiple bug births!

Have I mentioned (oh, probably about 100x) how much I love tri training! Don’t get me wrong, I still love running but I am REALLY enjoying the added elements of the swim and bike! Can’t wait til the next brick!
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  1. Awesome! The furthest brick I've ever done was 4.5 miles after a 1.5 hour spin class. I always find it difficult logistically to do bricks out on the roads---i'll have to start doing them with Justin there so he can watch my bike =).

    I need to work on speed on the bike too! My long rides are usually pretty slow.

    Are we still on for biking next saturday? it'll have to be early as I think Justin wants to head to head to big sur by noonish. I just got a pump for my tires so if we get a flat I'll at least have a pump.

  2. Nice job on the brick!

    And yes, you can always talk to me about that trash b/c I am surely watching it. TRASH TV LOVERS UNITE!

  3. Great job on your brick!!

    I also love watching "Sixteen and Pregnant!" A few of the people end up being responsible, but most of them my jaw falls down and I can't believe how they are acting. The boys, especially! I can't believe it! In 10 years they are going to watch footage of themselves and see what a-holes they were!


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