Thursday, April 8, 2010

BARB'S Week 3 - March 29 to April 4

So, I promised no more long weekly re-caps but last week was a short week due to a work event that kept me busy Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon so I missed three days of training.  I always get so frustrated when I get off schedule but that is part of life I guess.  While I was training for CIM I missed a few workouts due to various things and yet I still managed a huge PR.  All you can do is pick up right where you left off as soon as possible.  Even after missing Thursday, Friday and Saturdays workouts I jumped right in with my long run and swim on Sunday.  In a way, it gave me a boost of energy to run harder and swim faster knowing I had missed a few days.

Monday: REST - Knowing I had to work late Thursday and Friday I was going to switch around my rest days but I ended up working late this night too.

Tuesday: BIKE
1 hour and 10 minutes with 20 second speed intervals with 2 minutes active recovery between each.  I headed to the gym for a 45 minute intermediate spin class with a 25 minute recovery bike ride on the stationary bike after.  Total = Roughly 14 miles

Wednesday: DOUBLE DAY - Run and Swim
Swim = 1700 yards
300 warm up
8 x 25 pull
7 x 100 
8 x 25 kick
300 cool down

Run: Tonight was a speed workout in drizzly weather - my favorite!  1.75 mile warm up, 2 miles at 9:00 - 9:15, 1.75 mile cool down.  Total = 5.5 miles.

Thursday: BIKE 
1 hour and 15 minute ride (missed)

Friday: DOUBLE DAY - Run and Swim
Swim = 1800 yards (missed)
Run = 4 miles (missed)

Saturday: BIKE
2 hour ride (missed)

Sunday: DOUBLE DAY - Run and Swim
Run: On the schedule was a one hour run (roughly 6 miles for me) but I went 8.5 to try and make up for the lack of running from Friday.  Up here in Sac is was a cold cold morning, however, about 1 mile into my run I was burning up and ended up running the whole way in a tan and shorts.  We run on the American River Bike trail and I am not sure exactly how long it is but it must extend over 30 miles as it runs from Folsom to Sacramento.  I love that it follows the river the entire time.  Being that it was Easter there was not as many people who showed up to run with our training group.  Usually I don't feel comfortable on this trail alone but there were parts of this run where I was alone just because there were so few of us and it we were pretty spread out.  It was an unusually peaceful run and I got to see some great wildlife.  I saw some deer, a coyote (which I ran quickly past) and these guys:

I don't think they liked getting their picture taken though because as soon as I snapped the photo they spread their feathers and came after me "gobbling."  Total = 8.5 miles.

After my run I headed over to the gym to do my swim.  Today we ran on a section of the trail about 20 miles from my house.  Out on the trail the weather was cold but the winds were calm.  This was not the case at the gym - the wind was howling!  I usually swim in the outdoor pool but it was so cold I did my workout in the indoor pool which I thought I wouldn't like but actually didn't mind.

Swim = 2100 yards
300 warm up
1500 swim
300 cool down

I rewarded myself with a soak in the spa. 

Swim: 3800 yards
Bike: 14 miles
Run: 14 miles

Ugh, not what I hoped but I guess better than nothing right?

On a completely unrelated note I have to confess I have become addicted to a totally horrible and trashy television show - I don't even know if I can admit to what it is so let me pose the question to you:

What television shows are you/have you been addicted to that were totally trashy and yet you just had to watch?  Maybe I will reveal my show in my next post if there are others out there with similar obsessions. :)

Kevin gave me a gift certificate to get a massage at my favorite spa for Valentine's Day so I am off to cash it in.  My calves have gotten so tight from all this training I hope to loosen them up before my 1/2 this weekend.
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  1. Eh missing a few workouts this early isn't a big deal. I've been taking it easy too, I'm feeling better but still recovering.

    Way to get in the miles you have gotten in!

    I don't watch a lot of TV anymore but we all know i Used to LOVE 90210--in fact sometimes I still get the old ones on netflix.

    I bet if we had cable I would watch more TV.

  2. I watch WAY too much trash TV! I watch 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Dr. Drew's celeb rehab, Tough Love, Bad Girls Club, The Bachelor, just to name a few.

    Great job doing extra on Sunday! Life happens unfortunately, and screws with our training but you are doing the right thing by just brushing yourself off and continuing with the schedule!

  3. Great job Kristen, I don't knmow how you keep up with all that training.

    Those turkeys...aren't they the ugliest creatures. I see two everyday when I drive to work and think they are just gross.

    I don't watch much tv so can't help you there but I'm curious what show you are talking about.

    BTW, I entered the lottery for the Nike half today. Gah, what if I get picked lol.

  4. Great work girl. Sometimes life gets the best of us, and our training.

    Where do you get your swim workouts?

  5. Sorry work got in the way of training :( but great job on getting back on track and getting some good workouts in! Have a great race this weekend! Go Team KAT! :)


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