Thursday, April 1, 2010

BARB'S Week 2 - March 22 to 28

Even though I am now technically in week 3 training, I am a little behind on my week recap's.  Hopefully this will be the last "mass" one and I can start breaking it down more workout by workout.  This will mean more, but shorter posts.

Monday: REST - By far the easiest workout to get in.

Tuesday: BIKE
This week I actually did the right workout!  I had to head back to the stationary bike at the gym though which was even more terrible the second time.  All the machines at my gym have their own tvs attached so I timed my ride during the Biggest Loser.  I rode for 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Started with a 25 minute warm up at roughly a 13 mph pace.  After 25 minutes I did seven 20 second intervals at a 20 mph pace with 2 minute active recoveries at a 15 mph pace.  This took roughly 20 minutes.  For the last 25 minutes I rode at a steady pace between 13 and 15 mph.  Total miles = 15.25.

Wednesday: Double Day - RUN and SWIM
Swim = 1600 yard
300 warm up
8 x 25 pull with 10 second rest
6 x 100 with 5 second rest
8 x 25 kick with 10 second rest
300 cool down

To my first swim I brought my workout written down on a piece of paper and, duh, after about 5 minutes it was soaking wet.  Here was my creative solution:

Run: For my run tonight my Fleet Feet running group headed over to the track at Sacramento State.  It was a little over a mile warm up to get there.  Once we were there we ran 6 200s with 200 recovery between each.  I was actually kinda dreading going over to the track but it ended up being so much fun!  I would love to do more track workouts.  It ended with a little over a mile cool down back to the car.  Total = 4.75 miles.

Thursday: BIKE
Thursdays bike was 1 hour and 15 minute foundation ride.  Since I couldn't stomach the idea of riding on the stationary bike again I headed to a 45 minute "advanced" spin class.  Phew, it was tough.  I cooled down on the stationary bike for 15 minutes for a total of a 1 hour ride.  I have no idea how far I rode but given my previous times I would estimate around 13 miles.  My new trainer wheel comes *hopefully* early next week so when I can't make it outside I can just jump on the trainer.  I really really want to use the trainer!!  I was so excited to get it but haven't been able to use it as much as I hoped.

Friday: Double Day - RUN and SWIM 
This Friday was an extra special Friday - a FURLOUGH Friday!  I know, technically, that should be a bad thing but we are lucky only to be furloughed one day a month and truthfully, I LOVE having the day off.

Swim: 1800 yards
300 warm up
8 x 25 pull with 10 seconds rest
8 x 25 (25 build/25 descend) with 10 seconds rest
8 x 25 kick with 10 seconds rest
300 cool down

Up until today I had been lucky to find kick boards lying around the pool deck at the gym but today there was none.  It was high time to buy my own anyway so I put it on my to do list for the afternoon - buy myself a kick board and a pull buoy.

Run: 5 easy miles on the treadmill.

I also got to have lunch with a good friend and we went to this restaurant she had been telling me about in downtown Sacramento called Magpie Cafe.   If you are ever in Sacramento and need a good lunch spot I HIGHLY recommend this place.  The menu changes everyday as all their food is created based on the availability of local and seasonal ingredients.  I can't wait to go back.

Saturday: BRICK
Today my training schedule called for a "brick" workout of 1 hour on the bike followed immediately by a 20 minute run.  However, knowing I have a half century ride in a month I opted for a long ride - 50 miles to be exact.  I headed down to the bay area to meet up with my parents and their training group who were going 50 miles this week.  The race they are training for is in 2 weeks so this was their last long week before taper this week.

I wasn't really feeling it for the first 20 miles.  My dad had told me about the major climb in the ride and I think was kinda nervous anticipating it.

We stopped around 22 miles to go to the bathroom at one of my favorite wineries in the Livermore Valley - Crooked Vine!

It was hard not to have a taste but I didn't think "drinking and riding" went well together.  I did have a Vanilla Gingerbread Gu (yum!) and a bag of Strawberry Gu Chomps - I was starving.

Then, literally not two miles later, Kevin got a flat tire.  We had just been thinking about how lucky we had been on all these long rides not one person had gotten a flat.  Oh, well, an easy fix (for the boys anyway).  Since we were at the base of the climb my mom and I decided to go ahead since we knew the boys would catch us anyway.

In the end, the climb was not as bad as I anticipated and the downhill on the back side made it all worth it.  I hit speeds of 28 mph!

The rest of the ride went really well.  We hit some smaller hills and I decided that I actually like rides with hills more so than just flat rides - it keeps things interesting and for every uphill there is a downhill.

Total: 52 miles

Sunday: Double Day - RUN and SWIM
This was a big fail.  Kevin and I were both sore from the ride the day before so we skipped our 8 mile run.  I also had 2000 yards of swimming to do but I think we were both craving wine after seeing it the day before so I turned Sunday into my rest day and opted to do this workout on Monday which is usually my rest day.  We headed down to Lodi to do some wine tasting.  I love going to Napa but Lodi is much less touristy and rarely do the wineries charge tasting fees (plus it is closer to Sacramento).  The highlight - we got the DEAL of the century - a case of wine (12 bottles) for $24 dollars!!!  It was good wine too - the bottles usually sold for between $15 and $20 a bottle, however, they were a small winery and were just trying to make room for more inventory.  I felt a little bad for missing my workouts but I knew I would make it up the next day and it was nice to spend quality time with Kevin since he is gone all week.

Swim: 3400 yards 
Bike: 80.25 miles
Run: 9.75 miles (I NEED to start improving on this - especially with a 1/2 less than 2 weeks away).

Well, I hope I didn't lose you.  Promise from here on out I won't do such massive recaps.

Off to the gym to get in a swim before work!
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  1. OK, this is just amazing. I cannot imagine training for a tri. You rocked it. Lucky for you you get to train with family.

  2. that's a great week! I, too, carry my swim workouts to the pool in a Ziploc!

    You're doing so well.

  3. Great job on the workouts, that long ride with your fam sounds especially awesome! Keep it up!

  4. Your week looks great! Keep up the good work, Kristen!

  5. great work chick! your long ride sounds fabulous! there was such good weather out here the past weekend :) Oh and hellooooo wine! it's too hard to pass up sometimes ;)

  6. I grew up in Livermore but don't think the Crooked Vine was there when I was. Plus, I wasn't drinking age when I went to college and moved from Livermore. Good job on the workouts this week.

  7. Good job chica!

    My running has been in the tank too no worries we'll have a good time on sunday.

    Nice ride!!! I hit my longest ride on Sunday--48 miles. I kinda wish I'd gone another 2 just to say I went 50. Oh well, there will be plenty of time for that =).


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