Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lady of Leisure

When I originally asked for time of from work to study for the bar I built in an extra two weeks off to regroup, relax and get caught up on all of the things I let go while I was studying. I can't believe the end of my first week is almost over! I have gotten a lot accomplished and the best part is I still have one week to go. Next week will be even better because the second half of the week Kevin and I are headed to Scottsdale for a little spring training, golf for him, spa for me and just relaxing by the pool. It will be the perfect way to end this whole experience before heading back to work on the 15th.

WORKOUTS!! This was my first full week back working out and it was amazing. Like I mentioned in my last post I started my accelerated training program for Race for the Roses and just wanted to get comfortable on the bike again before starting Barb's training. About half way through February my trainer came and while it is nice, nothing beats the real road. Another thing I forgot to mention was my upcoming half century ride. On April 25th Kevin, my mom, dad and I are doing the Breakaway Ride which actually runs a portion of the route for the Amgen Tour of California. I am really excited for it but need to get riding!

My training plan for Breakaway includes roughly 40 miles of mid-week riding and a long ride on the weekend starting with a 30 miler and increases 5 miles per week from there up to 60. Thus, this past Sunday I had 30 miles on the schedule. My parents belong to a cycling club in the east bay and had 40 miles planned and invited Kevin and I to ride with them. I was a little nervous I wouldn't make it since I hadn't done anything other than a trainer ride in about 3 months but I decided just to go for it.

We met up at 10 am and went out for 20 miles and then came 20 miles back. We rode through the back roads of the Livermore Wine Country which is just beautiful. We saw lots of beautiful farms and some wineries. The roads were windy and it was a little scary since at some points there was little to no bike lane but I felt safer since we were with the group. Some of those cars whip around those corners though. Kevin actually turned around early because he wanted to watch the USA v. Canada hockey game and I was worried about him the whole time out there by himself.

The first 3-4 miles were really hilly and then we hit a HUGE downhill which was much needed. Then I realised that on the way back we were going have to up that big hill!!! The majority of the ride was flat with some rolling hills. We kept a pretty good pace between 13-16 miles an hour and only stopped twice - once to use the bathroom and refill water bottles at Starbucks and the other was when we realized we turned too early. The hill was brutal on the way back since we hit it around the mile 32 mark. I was also having problems with my gears - they were either too low or too high and the chain was slipping for the gears in between. This meant I was going up the hill at 8/9 mph since I had to have it in the lowest gear. However I was so grateful for those first few miles of uphill at the beginning because that meant the last 3-4 miles of the ride were downhill - a PERFECT way to end a ride. The total mileage ended up being right around 38 miles and we finished in about 2.5 hours.

Monday my mom and I did a 20 mile loop on the iron horse trail as "recovery" ride. I think it took us almost 2 hours but we were just riding casually and chatting. We are going out again tomorrow for another 20 - 25. We are going to try and get an earlier start though since we ran into a lot of people out walking on their lunch break on the trail and that also kinda slowed us down.

Like I mentioned in my last post I have to quickly get ready for this half marathon. Yesterday it POURED rain for most of the day - it even hailed! I don't mind running in light rain but I draw the line at hail. My goal for the run yesterday though was to make sure I still knew how to run (I know that is silly but I was a little worried). Of course, I could still run and did an easy two miler just to ease back into in - 2 miles/9:45 pace.

Today, I had planned a 5 mile speed workout but I decided to forgo the speed and just run 5 miles. I headed out to run on the Iron Horse trail. I really love this trail, however, the part closest to my in-laws is pretty boring. I debated going up the road a few miles to hop on but needed to get on with my day so I just ran the boring part. This part of the trail takes me behind my old high school which was crazy to run by and see all the high schoolers out doing PE. Hard to believe that was me only 10 years ago! My first 3 miles were pretty slow warm up miles hovering around 10/10:15 min miles. My last two miles I finished with an average of 9:45. I regret bundling up as much as I did as I got really warm after the first two miles!

Sorry this post is really long. My goal is to try and post after each workout from here on out. There will be more posts but at least they will be shorter for you to read!

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Wow girl. You seemed to jump back in head first! Your already doing major bike work. That's awesome!

    Congratulations on finishing the test! I totally understand your thinking. You have to consider both outcomes. Obviously, we're all hoping for the best.

  2. Nice to have 2 weeks off. And Scottsdale sounds wonderful. Have fun and goodluck with your training.

    Read your comment about the Nike Marathon. Let's keep in touch.

  3. I haven't done any rides over 25 miles in awhile and my running is certainly not in 9-range. I'd say the time off didn't hurt you one bit.

  4. Good for you for all your biking! Amazing! And here is a belated "Good luck and you will rock the bar" message! I hope your 2 weeks is low key and relaxing! You deserve it after the bar!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes I am done with my PITY PARTY. I am doing Shamrock'n but training with Chad's FIT group. You should try it out.. wednesday nights -- 6pm --500 University Avenue.

  6. Once again, congrats on finishing up with the bar!! Yay! And way to get back into training! I personally suffer trying to run 2 miles after even a one month lay-off so I think you're doing awesome! Enjoy the rest of your time off!


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