Monday, March 29, 2010

BARB'S Week 1 - March 15 to 21

(This was supposed to go up a week ago but KristenKeepingUp has had some technical difficulties.  Please read as though it was posted last week.) 

Whew, I don’t know what happened but those two weeks off seemed to just fly by! I didn’t really have much to blog about which is why I didn’t. My mom and I biked and lunched 4 times (roughly 22 miles each ride) and I slowly eased back into running. I think it is amazing how quickly my ability to run fades. I was sorer after a 3 mile run than I was after I finished CIM! I am slowly starting to be less and less sore.
I did do a lot of celebrating and a lot of catching up with friends I hadn’t seen since I was studying. The icing on the cake was a trip with the husband to Scottsdale to relax and catch some spring training. We laid by the pool . . . Saw some spring training . . . and ate some really yummy food. If you are ever in Scottsdale I HIGHY HIGHLY recommend Shapiro’s – awesome cocktails, delicious food, great music and overall fantastic atmosphere!

However, all good things must come to an end and I went back to work this past Monday after 12 weeks off. I was actually kind of nervous – like I was starting a new job. I have no idea why – I have worked here since 2004 – but I was welcomed back with open arms.

Also, Monday, the 15th, started Barb’s training with Alisa and Tara – Team KAT as we like to call ourselves (Kristen, Alisa and Tara). Like I mentioned before I am still going full speed ahead with training for this race. Alisa made us a fabulous training plan that I am integrating with the Half-Iron Man Training Plan 4 from the Triathlete Magazine’s Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide. I have tweaked the running schedule to accommodate my training for Race for the Roses which is coming up in three weeks. I personally really like the plans the book has. Each triathlon distance has three chapters devoted to it (sprint, olympic, half-ironman and full ironman). Usually the first chapter is for plans 1-4, second chapter for plans 5-7 and the third chapter is for plans 8-10. From reading the book essentially 1-4 are beginner plans, 5-7 are intermediate plans and 8-10 are advanced plans. I opted for the hardest beginner plan. I want a challenge but I also want it to be do-able which I have learned is one of the most important aspects of any training plan in my mind. If a plan is too hard/requires more time than you can devote to it you will not be able to complete it which just leads to frustration, disappointment and mostly likely failed workouts. I always was envious of people who could run 10 mile mid-week runs but when I was in school and working I just didn’t have the time and I knew if I put them on the schedule I wouldn’t get them done and that would just make me frustrated and most likely give up. Thus, I heavily considered this (in addition to adequate mileage) in deciding a training schedule. I feel like this plan is very challenging and will fit comfortably into the time I have allocated for training.

Monday: Rest (easy enough)

Tuesday: BIKE
This was supposed to be a 1 hour and 10 minute ride with seven 20 second intervals done in a high gear at speed intensity with 2 minute active recoveries, however, I read the wrong line in the book and ended up riding for only 45 minutes and doing 4 20 second intervals. I had to ride the stationary bike at the gym which sucked but rode roughly 12 miles in the 45 minutes.

Wednesday: Double Day – RUN and SWIM
Swim = 1500 yards total
300 warm up
8 x 25 with 10 second rest
5 x 100 with 5 second rest
8 x 25 kick with 15 second rest
300 cool down
This was the first time I had been in the pool in about a year to swim laps and while I was a swimmer all throughout high school and even swam Master's in college, I was surprised that my arms hurt a little after this this. Just means I am doing something though right?

Run: 4 miles done in roughly 40 minutes.

Thursday: BIKE
This was supposed to be a 1 hour easy ride but I got caught up cleaning the house and by the time I was done it was 8:00 and I was too tired to head over to the gym to ride. I wanted to use my trainer but I am inept at changing the tire from my road tire to my trainer tire (currently solving this problem by buying another back wheel so all I will have to do is change the wheel and not the actual tire).

Friday: Double Day - RUN and SWIM
Swim = 1600 yards total
300 warm up
8 x 25 with 10 second rest
8 x 100 - 25 easy, 25 hard with 10 second rest
300 cool down

Run: 4 miles again in roughly 40 minutes

Saturday: BIKE
On the schedule was a 1 hour and 45 minute bike, however, I rode with my parents bike club again and we rode 48 miles through the Livermore wine country – far exceeding the scheduled ride. Remember though, I have the Breakaway Ride on Sunday, April 25th so I need to be getting in some higher mileage to be ready for that ride. On this ride we did 1500 feet of climbing – Breakaway has 4000 – yikes!

Sunday: RUN
On the schedule was a 7 mile run, however, this first week was a little much for my poor legs so I ended up only doing 6. I was mad at myself for cutting it short but my calves were really tight and my legs felt like lead and I didn't want to risk an injury.

Swim: 3100 yards
Bike: 60 miles
Run: 14 miles

I know it has only been a week but I am really loving the diversity of workouts that come with tri training. I can already feel a difference in parts of my body that I am working that have not been worked in a long time.

Now that life is pretty much back to normal, hopefully posting will too!
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  1. Tri training is great, isn't it?!

  2. Hey Kristen,
    Good to see that you are blogging again. A tri? I'm in awe of people who do them. Looks like you have a nice plan laid out for you. Good luck with it.

    Saw your comment about the Nike Women's Marathon Group ID thingy. Not sure what that is about but feel free to email me at lisaruns at astound dot net.


  3. Welcome back to reality and training! It will be a good season! :)

  4. Yay! Great job!

    I need to up my biking miles/time but haven't figured out how to do that with our crappy weather. Spin class and trainer rides for me for awhile I'm afraid.

  5. Happy Barb's training! Can't wait to watch your journey!

  6. woot woot! nice 1st week :) I really want to get an extra wheel too sine pretty much right now I avoid changing the tire and just take my bike off my trainer and hop outside :-/ if you're ever in the bay area for abike ride on a weekend let me know & maybe we can meet up! Happy week 2 :)


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