Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Widdle While You Work

"Marathon" training has been in full swing now for 16 days. The scariest part is that the "main event" is less than 5 weeks away! Yikes - however, I keep telling myself that 5 weeks out from my "real" marathon I hadn't even done my 20 miler yet so there is still so much time and training to go - I can do this. Here are some exciting pictures I have taking during "training" - for 8 hours a day I look to my left and see the rain and to my right and see the computer. I have to say, at east I picked the best time of year to embark on this. The California Bar is offered twice a year - February and July. if I had to pick the time of year to be holed up in a library I would much prefer the cold, rainy months to the nice spring and early summer.

Anyway, I am happy to report I have been able to squeeze in about 30 - 60 minutes of exercise a day - my body needs it!! M, W, F my gym has x-bike classes (like spinning but so much harder - the classes are only 30 minutes instead of 1 hour). The bikes that are used replicate the feel of a real bike so much more than your normal spin bike. After x-bike I have been doing a mile or two on the treadmill - a mini brick! My knee is still a little tender so I don't want to push it, but I don't want to loose my base either. Mostly, I just don't have the time for a longer workout but I will take what I can get.

Also, I want you to meet my new gym for the next 5 weeks and the inspiration behind the title of this post - I am going to "get sleek in my seat." All you need is a chair and a resistance band and you are good to go.

I starting incorporating these exercises into my daily 10/15 minute breaks I give myself from studying. Surprisingly, I was a little sore today from yesterday workout - which is an awesome feeling! It might not be a whole lot right now but I am doing everything possible to maintain some level of fitness and normalcy throughout this process.

Well, this break time is over but remember my impulse purchase at the CIM expo? Well, I am going to review it in my after my next x-bike class. I took an x-bike class without it and now I am going to wear it to see if I notice any changes. I will then review it con/sans at a yoga class - I really hope it increases my flexibility!
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  1. I admire your dedication for studying so hard and long for the bar as well as getting your workout in. X-bike? Hmmm, never heard of it but it sounds interesting.

    I'm going to bookmark those chair exercises. I have a resistance band and I have a chair lol and I'm looking for ideas for home workouts. Thanks for the tip.

  2. At least you found some good stretching and strengthening exercises to do from home. I should print these, I have resistance bands that I never use =).

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