Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ugly Sweater Cult?

I know, running goals, workouts, those things still need to go up but I needed a lighthearted break from my studies. Seems to me there is a new trend out in full force at your local Starbucks - the ugly sweater cult!

For NYE 2009 Kevin and I went to an "Ugly Sweater" themed New Years party. Kevin took home the award for the "overall ugliest sweater" of the night. Here he is proudly displaying his winnings.

We have had a good laugh over that sweater and how it came to be (btw, that is a women's sweater!)

Anyway, after a run one day I popped into Starbucks and low and behold look what I saw . . .

Now, I know this isn't the same sweater but it must be its cousin and he definitely was not attending an ugly sweater party at Starbucks.

Then, just last week I was at another Starbucks and . . .

Where are all these ugly sweaters coming from?

Anyway, an ugly sweater is always good for a smile and a laugh and they seem to really like Starbucks!
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  1. That's freakin' hilarious!

    Note to self: Don't hope to find any single makes to pick up at Starbucks. LOL

  2. I've never been to an ugly sweater party but it sure sounds fun!

  3. This is a TOTALLY HILARIOUS post! Ha ha!


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