Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my 28th Birthday! To celebrate I thought I would reflect on 7 great things that happened while I was 27.
I ran my first marathon and loved it!

I graduated from law school!

My girlfriends from college (minus a few who sadly couldn't make it) and I went on our annual girl's trip. This year we went to Scottsdale. I am so happy we started this tradition.

I was the maid of honor in my sister-in-laws wedding!

I surprised Kevin with an impromptu weekend getaway to Chicago. On his quest to visit every baseball stadium in the country we caught a game at Wrigley Field.

We added Victory to the family!

I ran marathon #2 and can't wait for #3.

What an awesome year! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful memories.

Then, this morning when I went to get the mail I had a card and a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks waiting for me. Awesome way to start the day! While I will spend the majority of my day studying (life goes on) I am breaking early today and treating myself to a mani/pedi and my family is coming up tonight for dinner.

On the workout front I have been diligent in doing my "widdle while you work" exercises. It is the perfect thing to break up the day and it always gives me a little boost of energy to keep going right when I start fading. Today, I am headed to spinning at noon and hopefully a 3 miler on the treadmill.

I am looking forward to a great day!
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  1. Happy Birthday Kristen! Looks like 27 wasn't too bad. Here's hoping 28 is just as good if not better. Have a great day.

  2. Happy birthday Kristen!!! 27 was huge year. Lot's of great accomplishments. I think 28 will be even better.

  3. Happy Birthday! 27 seemed like a great year and I am sure 28 will be great too!

  4. Happy Birthday! I like you 7 things list :)

  5. Happy birthday!! I'm sure 28 is going to be even better :)

  6. Happy Birthday girl! I hope 28 is just as exciting as 27 seemed to be!

  7. Well I am glad I found your blog in time to wish you a very Happy Birthday. :)

  8. Yay happy birthday! Hopefully I can make the girls trip again sometime!!!

    I just posted about you, go check it out it's good for some laughs.


  9. Happy Birthday! What a great year you've had...may 28 be just as amazing :)

  10. OMG girl 2 marathons in 1 year! Amazing! Happy belated birthday! Hope it was wonderful :)

  11. i am wayyyyy late to this party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i think i got you on facebook anyways :) hope it was the best one yet!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! I love the idea of doing a celebration of things the prior year. I'll have to remember this when mine rolls around.

  13. WAY belated Birthday Greetings! Love the post, it is awesome to put things into perspective isn't it?
    I'm only taking one class right now and I know that juggling work and school is a killer, it will pay off!


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