Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Different Kind of Marathon . . .

Phew, CIM came and went and then there were finals (I am now a proud law school graduate!!), my second biggest event at work of the year, the holidays and now I am week deep into a marathon of a different kind . . . studying for the California State Bar Exam. On my first day of my bar review class I tweeted something about how in the world I was going to be able to learn all this in two months and Jose tweeted back to approach it like a marathon. What an awesome way to look at it! On your first day of marathon training you don't go out and run 20 miles right off the bat - in fact, you don't run that far for two months or so. It is unreasonable to think I will have all 15 subjects memorized right away, I just have to take it day by day and slowing increase my knowledge base. It doesn't make the final task really any less daunting - despite my training I was still very nervous marathon morning, but I knew I trained and could do it. The test itself is marathon - three days for 6 hours a day. I know come February 23rd I still probably won't feel "trained" enough but I hope it will be from the nervous and not lack of preparation.

Obviously, studying has become my new full time job (I am on leave from my real job for 2 1/2 months). I study for 8 hours a day on top of a 4 hour review class six days a week.  This has left me with little time for anything else. Although this study distraction has probably been good for me. During the last few training runs for CIM and miles 10 - 16 of the actual race, I was beginnig to feel a small pain in my left knee but didn't really think much of it.  After CIM I took two weeks off from running.  When Alisa came to town before Christmas we hit the trail for an 8 miler (me, 10 miles for her) and right around mile 3 the pain got really intense. I planned to go the full 10 with her but at mile 4 decided it would be best to turn around.  Alisa had a good point, I wasn't training for anything anymore so there was no sense in pushing myself and being injured come the time I did want to start training.   We did an easy 4 miles back to the car. (Side note - it is AMAZING to have a friend to run with. I know many of you have running buddies but sadly, nobody lives near me to run with. The 8 miles just flew by!)  However, my knee hurt for the next two days, despite taking drugs. For the rest of Sunday I could barley walk!  After doing some research all I could conclude was that it was an overuse injury and vowed to take 3 weeks off.  My three weeks is over tomorrow so I am hoping to ease back in Monday am with 3 miles.

(First run post CIM)

I apologize for being absent and really appreciated all the wonderful comments on my CIM post. I think I am on a good study schedule now with my "free time" being an hour in the am and an hour in the pm where hopefully I can get in a blog post and make some comments. I still have to summarize 2009 and lay out my goals for 2010! I hope everyone had a great holiday.
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  1. I think that's a great way to approach the bar. Motivating yourself to sit and study is also like motivating yourself to run and you've successfully figured out how to do that so I think you'll be fine. I can't imagine what it's like to study for such a comprehensive exam but you should look at it in 2-5 mile chunks =). Wish I was closer and could help you study!

  2. Congrats on graduating! Good luck with studying. I can only imagine how much work that is going to be!

    Glad to hear you decided to take a few weeks off! Hope your next run goes smoothly! :)

  3. Girl, congratulations! I'm so proud for you. I can't even imagine what goes into a law degree.

    I hope your return to running goes off without a hitch. I know you'll need it to take on the bar!

    GOOD LUCK - with running and the bar.


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