Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 Things

I have been tagged by her to share 7 random things about myself. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a study break!

1. I will have had my car for 10 years next Tuesday (since my 18th birthday). "He" was one of the most popular cars to have at my high school - unfortunately, I am not in high school any more so he is not so cool. However, we have been through 194,000 miles together and while the trunk is broken, he leaks oil, the passenger door sticks, the antenna won't go down, it sounds like you are in a wind tunnel when you drive down the freeway, he makes such a loud god awful noise you can hear me coming from a mile away (I have had two strangers approach me in different parking lots - one lady told me she doesn't fee safe with people like me on the road) and a host of other "cosmetic" issues, he gets me from point A to B and I am committed to him - until 200,000 miles - then I told Kevin maybe we should invest in a new car. He still cleans up nice though and while I would like to actually look like an adult when I drive down the street it will be tough to part with him. (P.S. Yes, that is my name on my license plate - good thing I married a guy with the last name "H" so I didn't have to get a new plate. :)

2. On the other hand, in the 11 years Kevin and I have been together he is on his 4th car. He is cursed - within a year of him paying off the car something happens to it.
Car #1 - Paid off, one week later it broke down on the way to a 49'er game. We had it towed and at 3:00 am, the towing company couldn't tell us where it was. By 7:00 am they found it - it had fallen off the back of a tow truck. TOTALED.
Car #2 - Paid off, 6 months late we got the keys to our house (btw, we had kinda lived in the ghetto so we were excited to be moving to a "nicer" area.) Kevin left the car running and literally was about 20 feet from the car - still in sight - talking with one of the construction workers. Guy comes up, hops in the car and drives away. STOLEN.
Car #3 - This car gave us problems from the start but eventually we paid it off. A year later Kevin was driving to work and, yep, someone smashed into him. TOTALED.
Car #4 - We are on car #4 currently but still have some time before it is paid off. I told Kevin we are going to draw the payments out on this one. I always feel bad for him - he has yet to get the car he really wants since we always just need to replace his car and of course, were not in the market at the time to buy a car. I guess it doesn't matter anyway. According to the pattern this one is due to be stolen within a year of being paid off. :)

3. I LOVE weddings and have been so lucky to have been asked to be in 5 of my friends weddings - 3 of them as the maid of honor! Here is Alisa and I at her wedding - she was a beautiful bride.

4. We adopted the newest addition to our family in September - a little doxie mix - all the way from Mexico! She was rescued by a group called Compassion Without Borders who goes down to Mexico every year and tries to spay and neuter as many animals as possible since a lot of people there don't have the money to do it. Then, they usually bring back some strays they feel would make good pets for people to adopt here in America. Tory came to America back in March and was ready to be adopted in August. It is funny because all her paperwork is in Spanish! She is such a doll and we are so lucky to have her as part of the family.

5. I love frozen yogurt!! There was a fro yo place we went to as kids and when it closed I always wished fro yo would come back and make an appearance. Big Spoon is the big one in Sacramento and despite the fact I have tried many different places, Big Spoon is still my favorite!

6. I HATE chicken. I know, it is healthy, it goes in everything - doesn't "everything taste like chicken?" Well, I think it is foul (pun intended.) I have never liked chicken - a sad thing for Kevin who grew up eating a lot of chicken. I try to make it for him but even handling it grosses me out.

7. In college my pre-vet friend convinced me to participate with her in this "animal show." I LOVE animals so I said sure. Well, come to find out it was an agricultural animal show where you show pigs, cows, goats, etc. A long story short, I ended doing it with her. The day we had to pick our cows I wanted a small one and chose a "jersey cow" (a breed of cow) because she was small and cute. The guy running the program told me that they were some of the hardest to work with but the other cows were so big and she seemed manageable. I wanted to put pink bows on her ears for the "show" but that is highly frowned upon I guess. Come show day it was a disaster. My cow fell over right when we walked into the ring - it looked like she got shot (maybe stage fright?) and the lady was literally kicking her to make her stand which really upset me. Then she wouldn't walk and all the other people were shooting me evil looks because I was holding up the line. To not help the situation my family and Kevin's family were roaring with laughter from the stands. Cow #614 and I got last place, however, my family has a story for a lifetime (I guess I am not the farm girl type). Anyway, how could you not think this cow was cute? Look at that face!

Well, that is probably WAY more than you wanted to know but I guess I wanted to make my break last longer than it should have! I tag anyone who wants to procrastinate.
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  1. OMG! Next time put the car in your name lol. Cute doggie pic.

  2. That's funny about the cow. What a crazy story. You were probably like, "uh, what?" LOL. I can just imagine what I would do. so funny.

    What a clever license plate. I've never thought of that and we share the same name....spelling and all. Don't rush paying off that car! :)

  3. This is such a fun way to get to know bloggers better!

  4. I forgot about the cow story!

    Oh your car...I remember I was sooooo jealous when you got it!!!!!

    You were a great MOH, the only person in the world for the job in my mind. Yay for weddings.

  5. Kevin's car curse made me laugh out loud, thank you! Truly, that is something that is hard for him, I'm sure, and a bummer for the insurance company, but absolutely hysterical.


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