Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kristen Catching Up

I am so mad at myself for the week between posts. This last week was just crazy. I will just do a quick post to get you up to speed:

1. I had a great time celebrating Kevin's birthday with him last week. It was great to see him mid-week, especially because he was in LA that weekend for work so I didn't get to see him.

2. 11/22: Got in my 2nd to last long run before CIM - 10 miles. First week of taper totaled 24 miles. While I was working on a take home final that weekend I did manage to sneak out to see NEW MOON! While I am totally "Team Edward" in the books Jacob won me over in the movie.

3. Day before Thanksgiving got a massage to loosen up my tight legs. I also went out to pick up all my last minute CIM supplies I needed (more body glide, gels, etc) and discovered THEY ARE DISCONTINUING MY VERY FAVORITE ENERGY SOURCE - POWER BAR GEL BLASTS IN COLA!!! Every single store said they have been replaced with a strawberry/banana and another fruit flavor. I don't know what to do. I have been to every athletic store in the area and none of them have them. I have used them during every training run and they are such a nice break from Gu or other stronger flavored gummies. :(

4. THANKSGIVING and my all time favorite 10k - RUN TO FEED THE HUNGRY! My sister, Kevin and I along with over 30,000 others gathered at the starting line at 8:45 for this great holiday tradition. In addition, we were also participating in Alisa's Virtual Turkey Trot race. Here my sister and I are sporting our "bibs."

While this run is so much fun, it is pretty much impossible to race, at least the first few miles, because you are running with so many people. So, I did what I do every year and just went out and had fun! Within the first mile we run by one of our favorite dive bars and I love that once you hit the neighborhoods people are out serving mimosas. This year when I hit mile 5 I looked down and saw I could actually clock in under an hour so I pushed forward and ended up coming it at 59:13! A 6 minute PR and I wasn't even trying to PR. That was really exciting.

Crossing the finish line with 30,000 other people!

I am not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food, although, we had a wonderful day seeing both our families. I have so much to be thankful for. (Tory's first Thanksgiving with us).

5. Day after Thanksgiving I saw NEW MOON again and went and saw my favorite 80s cover band - Tainted Love! I really wanted to shop but people were slacking on giving me their Christmas lists. I knew aimless shopping would not be a good idea so I did my best to avoid the malls.

6. Finished off the long weekend with my last long run before CIM - 9 miles. Second week of taper totaled 23 miles. The long run felt great after what seemed like 2 days of constant eating.

CIM is in 5 DAYS!! I can't believe it is so close. This morning I did an easy 4 miler and realized I only have 2 more runs before Sunday. When I started training back in August, December seemed so far away. I still have so much to figure out - what to wear - capris or shorts, long sleeves/tank or both? What to supplement for my Gel Blasts (I think I will do Shotbloks) and whether to have a friend drop me off at the starting line or take the shuttle. My bib number is 2825 - a GREAT number (28 is our anniversary and 25 is a clean number, and 22 is my favorite number and I have two 2s). So many decisions still to make!! What I do know is I am resting, stretching, eating right and hydrating this week.

The clock is ticking . . .
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  1. Happy Birthday! Great job on your race even though you weren't racing lol. Six minute PR? Amazing!!

  2. Yay for the PR. I really need to run a 10k this year. I've never run one.

    You're going to ROCK CIM! Unless, it's super duper cold out I'd go with a tank top and arm warmers. You can always shove those in your fuel belt or hand them to your parents if you get hot. I happen to love capris but I know you love shorts so I'd go with shorts, just be sure to wear throw away sweats to the start or you'll be COLD =).

    Wishing you LOTS of LUCK!!!

  3. congrats on the PR! that's pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear about CIM! I know it's going to be awesome.

  4. Yay! See you at CIM, you'll kick booty!

    Have you tried looking for the cola blasts online? Maybe you can order a shipment to get you through...

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! They are discontinuing the color flavor!?!?!?!>!>!? I am SO SO sad! I LOVE that flavor. I've also used the lemon which is mildly yucky because it tastes like you're eating dish soap.

    Sorry, I am so distressed by this, too, I can't comment on anything else in your post :( (I got mine from runningwarehouse.com and they have new fruity flavors, too -- probably better than lemon, but NOT better than cola!!)

    I bought a whole box of them a while back and have some packets left. Do you want me to bring you a package to use this weekend? It would be no problem at all! Just let me know.

  6. p.s. I am totally sending Powerbar an email!


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