Saturday, November 7, 2009

Re-Cap and Randomness

Tuesday 4 miler: DONE! Super slow but it was a great recovery run.

Wednesday 6 miler: It ended up being roughly 5 miles but that wasn't due to my lack of wanting to run 6. Our Fleet Feet coaches cut the workout down due to the long mileage this week. I ended up doing a mile and a half warm up - 4 800s (#1 4:20, #2 4:23, #3 4:30 and #4 4:29 - so is it true what they say about your 800s and your marathon time??) with about 2 minutes rest between each and then about a 3/4 mile cool down.

Friday 4 Miler: Fail. :( I spent my day doing this for the test I had this morning:

To be sworn in as an attorney, among other things, you need to pass 2 tests - the BAR (which I will take in February) and the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam), which is essentially a test to make sure you are an ethical person (which apparently I am not because I failed it the first time I took it by one stupid question). I admit, the first time I took it I studied for about 3 hours so I wasn't surprised, however, this time I studied all week for it so hopefully I will pass.

I did take a small break from studying to go pick up my race packet at Fleet Feet for Clarksburg tomorrow. Here is the awesome shirt from last year - a Nike Dri-Fit Profitted Women's Shirt:

This year the shirts were not as awesome . . . Technical Fiber Long Sleeve Shirt. *sigh*

It is near impossible to walk out of that store empty handed - so I didn't! I got some new sunglasses I have been eying:
and the Nike Women's Marathon sweatshirt I wanted at the race - now 50% off!
Our close friends who live in Elk Grove are hosting some friends at their house tonight who are running Clarksburg tomorrow and invited us over for the carbo load! I'll have a full race report for you tomorrow!
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  1. I think it IS true about the 800's!

    Good luck passing the MPRE!!!

  2. Glad you found the NWM sweatshirt 50% off.

    Awesome new shades. I need to get some for biking.

    We all have rough weeks with running, you got out there and that's what really counts.

  3. ohhh nike stuff on sale now!! i have been waiting :) haha

    great job on the running! hope clarksburg went well :)

  4. Ooh, the Nike stuff is on sale? I have to check it out!
    Congrats running Clarksburg. It was such a great day weather wise.

    As for Barbri, I certainly don't miss those days! Good luck!

  5. Good luck on your test! I love when race stuff goes on sale!!!! It's normally so overpriced, especially for that race....but the stuff is always so cute too! Nice score!

    Can't wait to hear about Clarksburg!


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