Friday, November 13, 2009

Race Photos & Barbri Books

Today Brightroom posted the photos from Clarksburg! I decided to just to run by the cameras instead of trying to smile - I always look so cheesy anyway. It proved to be a good strategy - I got a few good ones!

First though, you have to see what awaited me when I got home from work today . . .

32 pounds of books - the dreaded Barbri Bar review books. I have 7 weeks - from January 4, 2010 til February 23 to learn everything in these books. I guess I still have a few weeks before I have to worry about that.


Back to studying - what an exciting Friday night I have planned! :)
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  1. Oh my, those books look scary. Good luck with that. The race photographer took a lot of pics of you. I like the 3rd and the last one.

  2. Your right - those pictures are good! Especially the ones where you are by yourself. Really good!

    Great job on the race. I hope your back is feeling better. Way to push thorugh it. I'm sure that was pretty painfull. Perfect training run!

  3. I really like that last one!

    Good luck with all the studying. Hopefully when I'm in Sac over Xmas you can take a short break from studying.

  4. Hey! You did get some GREAT shots!!!! You look hardcore!

    I don't know what my Malibu pics will look like from Sunday because I did the opposite - I was a total cheeseball. :-/


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