Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is officially fall!

Can you believe it is already November? My most favorite time of year kicked off Tuesday with STARBUCKS RED CUPS!! Red cups means it is officially fall.

(haha, yes, I took this photo in class)

Too bad it was 80 degrees on Tuesday but the weather is definitely cooler today and rain is even in the forecast. I LOVE the fall – the perfect running weather, the great clothes, all the holidays, birthdays (my entire family has their birthdays in October, November, 2 in December and me in January), EVERYTHING about fall is great! The extra special thing about this fall is it is my last semester of school ever!! My last class of law school EVER is Monday, November 23rd and I will officially be done Monday, December 14th at 10:00 pm.

Did I mention I am doing a half marathon this weekend? The Clarksburg County Run in Clarksburg -

Clarksburg is a small town outside of Sacramento. The course is very flat and you get to run past some pretty farms and wineries. I did the 5k last year and this year it is a training option for CIM. The schedule has us running 16 miles so we could either chose to run 16 miles on the bike trail or run the half marathon with a 1.5 mile warm up and cool down on the track at the race start. I am getting a little tired of the same sceanery on the bike trail and quite honestly, Clarksburg has the BEST race shirts. I rarely wear the shirts I get from races but they give you the coolest long sleeve shirts. Last winter that was my favorite shirt to run in.

Since it is essentially a training run, we are supposed to be running at marathon pace (so like a 10:30 for me) but I kinda want to race it. During my last few long runs I have been hitting 13.1 miles in about 2:13 – 2:15 but my half marathon PR is around a 2:03 and I want to see if I still have it in me to do it that fast. I don’t know, I guess I have a day or two to decide what to do. I am really excited though to participate in another race.

Something I forgot to mention in my 20 miler recap, was an update on the chaffing situation. Like I mentioned, I have been so lucky not to have this problem thus far. I used the body glide on my arm where it hurt the week prior and I didn’t have any problems this time, however, when I jumped in the shower I got an instant burning sensation around where my sports bra sits. My whole entire chest was red!!! Nothing about my running attire that day was new – in fact it was the same thing I ran Nike in. I guess I just have to start lathering it on all over. My good luck only lasted for so long.

Happy Fall!
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  1. Good luck this weekend. Didn't realize it (or maybe I just forgot) but we are kinda sorta neighbors. I'm in the Bay Area. I had the same chafing issue in the same spot. Hurt like a mother when I got in the shower. I was wearing a cotton sports bra though. Never again!

  2. I chose not to do clarksburg this weekend but good luck!!! I'll be on the bike trail with coach bob

  3. We have the same half PR. I say race it and beat me! I get chaffing in both those spots. The one on my arm only occasionally, and I can't figure out which shirt it is and the sports bra one everytime I do a run over 3 hours. I love my sports bra (I have five of the same ones) too much to get rid of them. I'm not training for a marathon any time soon, so I think I'll be ok.

    Good luck this weeekend!!!

    p.s. Congratulations for the almost graduation. That is awesome!

  4. Good luck at the half!

    That's a race that always intrigued me while I was in Sac. Whoa 80 degrees it's like 45 here...brrr!


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